Saturday, November 8, 2008

Living Science Booklists (mostly K-6)

Please note that my son and I haven't read all the books listed here and as such parental preview is strongly recommended. Where possible, I offer an age-appropriateness guide. I will be updating these lists when I come across more "living" titles.

If you find any good living science books, please send a review my way :)


These are lists for foundational science concepts (targeted mostly at younger learners, approx 6 years to 12 years old).

Prehistory & Evolution
Scientists Biographies
Physics & Chemistry Booklist
Building/Engineering Booklist
Life Sciences Booklist
Nature & Earth Sciences Booklist
Space & Rocket Science Booklist

For booklists on higher level science concepts, please see this link.

SUGGESTED SPINES for all topics

Any of these should work well to pull topics together:

The Usborne Internet-linked Science Encyclopedia (Internet-linked) by Judy Tatchell
The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia by Charles Taylor and Editors of Kingfisher
Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding: A Science Curriculum for K-2 by Bernard Nebel
How Science Works by Judith Hann
The Way Science Works by Jayne Parsons, Robin Kerrod, and Dr. Sharon Ann Holgate
DK Online Science Encyclopedia (DK Online) by DK Publishing
and the DK EyeWitness series


Books we've explored and found interesting:

Developing Critical Thinking Through Science by The Critical Thinking Co.
The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book: Boil Ice, Float Water, Measure Gravity-Challenge the World Around You! by Tom Robinson

If ACTIVITY BOOKS are your child's "cup of tea":Science Action Labs: Air Science and others in the Grades 1-3 series by Ed Shevick/ Teaching & Learning Company.
Science Action Labs - Air Science : Active Science with Air and others in the middle school series by Ed Shevick/ Teaching & Learning Company.

ILLUSTRATIONS GALORE: Cute, illustrated books by Simon Basher

More science booklists here:

Discovery Magazine
Scienceblogs' The World's Fair List
ApplieJuice List of Living Science Books (links 1-3 are thanks to Becky of the SecularCM Yahoo Group)
At Home Science
Paula's Archives
Penny Gardner
MacBeth's Opinion
Good Science Books for Children (thanks Kerrie!)


  1. this is wonderful!

    i'm here from the living math forum - i hardly post because my daughter is 3, but i love reading the posts there for myself and for future reference. i started looking for a living science group too (since science & math are the two subjects i'm most worried about homeschooling), but haven't found what i'm looking for yet. hopefully there will be enough interest for another group.

    thanks for this post - it's valuable information.

  2. I think you could speak for so many of us when you say science and math are the most challenging LOL! I wish I knew when DS was 3 that I wanted to homeschool :) Thanks for visiting :)

  3. Hello Suji,
    Almost word-for-word I second what "springtreeroad" has said. The only difference is that I have 2 children, ages nearly 5 and nearly 3.
    This is a great idea and thank you!
    Kind regards :o)
    Megan (in New Zealand)

  4. Thank you Megan :) I find after beginning HS-ing last year that I lose my thoughts and good links easily. Having this spot to put it all down helps and if I can help someone else too, why not? Take care!

  5. hi suji
    i'm here via the living math group as well. thanks for posting such great living science resources. do you know if there is a similar "living science" group out there?


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