Thursday, October 23, 2008

Myths of the World series

DS and I stumbled upon a series of apparently new but evidently wonderful, "living" history books.

The Myths of the World series seem to have been written by the same author, New Yorker Virginia Schomp. Ms Schomp's writing (we are reading The Norsemen, currently) is crisp, engaging and well-organized. The hardback book (The Norsemen, anyway) features a beautiful cover painting with full page color illustrations on almost every left-hand page. Part 1 of the book introduces the subject quite diligently while Part 2 presents the stories and myths.

The back cover of The Norsemen lists these titles in the series The Ancient Egyptians, The Ancient Greeks, The Native Americans and The Norsemen.

But I searched Myths of the World Schomp on Amazon and found more:
The Ancient Egyptians
The Ancient Greeks
The Norsemen
The Native Americans
The Ancient Africans
The Aztecs
The Ancient Mesopotamians
The Ancient Romans

I believe she has also authored a few of the more affordably priced People of the Ancient World series (not to be confused with The Peoples of the Ancient World series):
Ancient India
The Ancient Chinese
The Vikings
Ancient Mesopotamia
The Ancient Egyptians
The Ancient Greeks
The Ancient Romans

And apparently she has also written a series on Prehistoric Animals and another on American History.


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