Monday, November 24, 2008

Paperfolding Projects (Frog)

We named one frog Skippy and the other Hoppy but I've forgotten which is which.

We liked these guys so much we gave one to DS's little friend for her birthday. (We're as cheap as they come.)

Ours were from instructions in a beginner's origami book we found at Borders. There are several sites for origami frog instructions (and these fellas hop too!)

Added at 8.43pm:
When I typed this early this morning (I've started sleeping at 1am-ish now, a habit I'm trying hard to break) I forgot to mention this neat-o website. You may have seen it already if your regularly visit my Bunny Trails links. But here it is anyway...Wonder How-To's Arts & Crafts/ Origami Videos

Lots of other interesting categories of videos here too...but err...not all of them kid-friendly so I'd advice some very watchful parental supervision.


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