Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Someday...

I've been a little quiet lately. Researching home listings. Viewing homes till my feet were practically yelling in pain. Submitting offers and refusing to give in to higher counter offers. Gosh...home hunting isn't such a piece of cake after all is it? LOL.

Anyway, a girl can dream and if you do wonder what I dream of, here's a snapshot...

...and another...

...and another.

Can you tell what they all have in common?

Image credits: The BHG Decorating Gallery


  1. LOL! I, too, dream of built-in bookcases. Actually, my dream extends to a two-story round tower-like room with bookshelves lining all the walls except for a few windows, a balcony ont he second level, and one of those cool ladders that roll around the shelves! All I need in my dream home is that room and a HUGE eat-in kitchen. Ahh...maybe someday.

  2. Ooooh...a kindred spirit :) I'm poring over an IKEA catalog at this very minute and it has just the kind of ladder you're talking about jennybell! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. He, he, he...BTW, the bookshelf in the first picture looks like an IKEA Liatorp. Now how would I know that???

  4. He he he memorizing the names of the bookshelves in the catalog maybe? He he he. If you have it, I hope it's serving you well Kris :) I'm actually tempted to forego some new appliances and burn the budget on built-ins.

  5. here's hoping that you find and purchase your dream house soon!

  6. Thank you for your kind words muslimahlocs :) Fingers crossed!


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