Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Picture Study: Week 23

Edward Hicks
Peacable Kingdom c. 1834
The version in our National Gallery of Art engagement calendar left out an important detail...the group of men on the left. Thankfully, we saw this version while researching the life of Edward Hicks.
And what did the kiddo have to say?
"The meat eaters are not eating any meat."
"The plant eaters are not eating any plants."
For that he was both figuratively and literally well-tickled.


  1. Suji, we are supposed to do a little study of Hicks, too, with A Peaceable Kingdom as the focus. Here is a link to a site and a link to a pdf I hope to use should we ever get around to it!


    Hope you're well! We are snowed in, again.

  2. Thank you Christina! Much appreciated. :) I read about the storm. Hope you're able to stay safe and warm!


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