Sunday, March 8, 2009

Coyote Hills Regional Park

It was a lovely day and instead of the standard Saturday fare of sitting in front of the computer, I tried to get the boys feeling a little more outdoorsy. So we headed to the beautiful Coyote Hills Regional Park in the SF East Bay for the first time (it's only a 20-mile drive north for us but we only discovered it by accident a few weeks ago when we took a wrong turn and ended up on Dumbarton Bridge). Since we were headed to Menlo Park in the evening anyway, this made a restful, peaceful sojourn with nature on the way.

Fortunately, despite only a quick hour to spare, we were lucky to bump into the annual sheep herd, scrub jays, two ground squirrels, and a Great Egret. Next time, we're hoping to be better prepared...I've heard you can catch sight of the grey fox here. Due to the rain these past few days, there was quite a lot of marsh water and we liked catching glimpses of the numerous waterfowl.

And the photos...

I love the contrast of the bark against the blue-green backdrop.

One of those instances when I wished we had a telephoto lens.

I swear I heard them asking me to "mooove".
And I thought all sheep said was "Baa".

There's so much "road" but he HAD to walk the cracks instead,
much to the inconvenience of cyclists and irritation of this parent
(the other parent, as usual, thought it was cute).

Can I help ewe? (Sorry, bad joke)


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