Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wonderful Blog Award

My many, many, touched and sincere thanks to Michelle of Whimsy Way for the Wonderful Blog Award.

It seems that “This award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his/her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary and personal values every day.”

Wow...! Thank you again Michelle!

I believe I have to pass this award on to 15 others. So I am choosing the blogs I read that I feel I've gained lots of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values from.

1. FarmSchool: They say that when you have a passion in life, like skydiving or gardening or homeschooling, there's is always someone who inspires you the most...the person you look up to and learn from and are in awe of. Becky and her blog certainly fit the bill here.

2. Greenridge Chronicles: To sheila, for reminding me that homeschooling isn't always about academia and mindlessly trying to finish book after book. That a Dr Who-ish spontaneity is necessary in all our lives. But mostly, for regaling me with her wonderful, rib-tickly reports on gardening, and homeschooling three very talented kids.

3. and 4. My musical friend Fiddler. I would like to pass on the award to two of her blogs: Rockhound Place for her very timely, very entertaining Music Mondays; and to A Habit of Reading for helpful book reviews that, like Becky's and Susan's (below), have contributed to some of the booklists on this blog.

5. Chicken Spaghetti. Susan's blog is a dream for lovers of children's books. Having grown up with British lit more than American, I realize I've learnt so much about American books and book awards from her posts.

Blogs I visit off and on for art/craft inspiration, writing ideas, a different approach to homeschooling, a good read on a quiet day, you name it:

6. and 7. Bella Dia and Crafty Crow: oh, such fabulous, fabulous craft ideas!

8. Julie's A Brave Writer's Life in Brief blog: I collect her helpful freewriting ideas in the hopes that DS will one day use them.

9. The witty, wondrous Camp Creek Blog.

10. HMS Indefatigable...for very entertaining and to me, educational, "hornblowing".

The following are three Science blogs that have inspired me tremendously. Although I blog a lot about science books, I'm not very confident "teaching" science or doing experiments. This is where I go for inspiration :)

11. At Home Science. Kris's blog is also home of the Science Saturday Challenge. Kris, amazing as always, provides a little history of this award here.

12. and 13. Writer, teacher, artist and homeschooling mom Kathy Ceceri's amazing Home Biology and Home Chemistry blogs.

And last, but certainly never the least in importance or value...two nature study blogs I am completely in love with:

14. The amazing HONS blog: home of the Outdoor Hour Challenges.

15. This blog which I've linked to under WebLeaner's Nature Study Trails: Life on an Oxfordshire's like One Small Square in a blog.

There are just so many great blogs out there...and I wish I could list more than 15 and pass it on also to blogs that have already received the award :) If I could do the latter I would choose Kez's Blog, my new-found kindred spirit who has already received it from Michelle. And Michelle herself, for all the tireless work she does finding us free homeschooling resources :)


  1. Aww shucks :) Thanks for the mention! Looks like I have more great blogs to follow up now.

  2. Thank you, Suji! I love the graphics of this one--almost as great as the graphics you display on our blog headder but not quite (part of the fun of your blog is checking out the new headers!)

  3. Thanks so much, Suji, though the award description is enough to paralyze me into not blogging for a while!

    And congratulations on your own well-deserved award :)

  4. Kerrie, if only I could stay up later each night to read all these wonderful blogs more regularly than I do now I certainly would :)

    Kris, thank you :) (you made me blush!)

    Becky, what would fans like me do then? :) No pressure of course (LOL).

  5. Suji, that is so sweet of you. Thank you! I am honored.

  6. Lori, Susan, it truly is my pleasure :)

  7. Suji! Thanks! Can I tell you how it made my day to be compared to Dr Who (even if it does refer to my kookiness rather than my ability to toss a sonic screwdriver into the air and catch it again while looking ultra-cool)? I'm thrilled to be the amuse bouche of your day.

    And congrats right back at you. You deserve every nanosecond of it.

  8. [You deserve every nanosecond of it.] Thank YOU sheila :) You made my day too with that one :) I really think you ARE ultra cool...sonic screwdriver or no :) BTW I could do with an SS right laptop's going the way of that doomed Sycorax ship.

  9. Suji, thanks for including Rockhound Place and A Habit of Reading in such company! I'm honored by the award and feel privileged to be among such wonderful bloggers, many of whom would be on the receiving end of the award from me, too.

    As to your doomed laptop--shall we start another photo meme? My ancient Mac is missing its spacebar and the letter "M"!

  10. My pleasure Christina :) computer is cosmetically quite healthy...but very, very disturbed emotionally (sob, sob). A true diva at the moment, sigh, sigh, sigh.

  11. Just Googled myself (I know, I know) and found this mention. Thanks much!


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