Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cursive...What Would You Use?

DS has expressed eager interest in learning cursive. I honestly didn't think we would be approaching this issue till at least Year 3 or 4. So I'm at a loss. I don't write in cursive unless you can count my hurried scrawl cursive writing. I've always prefered print.

These are some of the cursive/ italics resources I'm researching currently. Would love to know if my dear reader has an opinion.

Italics, Beautiful Handwriting for Children by Penny Gardner
I have Penny's downloadable edition and it seems like a perfect guide to pursue in our free time. But I'm not sure if it will fit DS's reason for learning it right now. He says he wants to learn cursive in order to read cursive writing. He has been able to read almost everything in cursive up to now so I'm wondering if there's something more to his wanting to learn it than just that. I believe it may have something to do with his interest in codes as well.

Handwriting Without Tears - Grade 3 Cursive Handwriting by Jan Olsen
I've heard good things about this series. Need to check it out further.

Queen Homeschool's Pictures in Cursive series
These look beautiful...combining cursive lessons with picture study (neat idea!!) but I'm not sure if DS's interest will be sustained long enough to complete a book. I really don't want to buy another book or series and have him (and me too) lose interest and not finish it and leave it languishing on our shelf.

Cursive Writing Made Easy and FunThis is what I'm leaning most towards. Seems to provide good intro activities other than just the lines and letters to trace over. Sounds more like his sort of thing. The price for a new book is exorbitant so we'll probably settle for a gently used copy.


  1. Have you looked at New American Cursive?

    It's a lovely and simple cursive that I plan to use with Stiggy next year. You can buy the Start Write software and create your own practice sheets (in various fonts), create copy work pages, and much more. They have a free trial as well, which I played around with and really liked.

  2. Thank you Michelle :) Will definitely look into this one.

  3. Can't help with that one sorry - as you know, we're struggling just with printing!


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