Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Murderous Obsession

A Murderous Maths obsession that is. The kiddo has discovered an extreme liking for this series. He's been giggling in his little cave behind our sofa these past few days over The Mean and Vulgar Bits.

I'd been resisting the temptation to get the books (having heard a lot about them on various lists, particularly Living Math) since Amazon usually sells it through its marketplace sellers, meaning that you don't get 4-for-3 discounts or free shipping for orders over $25.

Another option was to order it through Ray's Horrible Books and possibly wait a while for delivery.

Then the other day, I was browsing The Book Depository and came across a few MM titles. With free worldwide shipping and pretty prompt delivery (one week) and most importantly budget-friendly pricing, I thought I'd give it a shot.

These are the MM titles we have now:

Codes: How to Make Them and Break Them (coding and cracking know-how)
The Mean and Vulgar Bits (fractions and averages)
Awesome Arithmetricks (math tips/tricks/shortcuts and a nice glossary of math terms)
The Perfect Sausage and Other Fundamental Formulas (various formulas and what they mean)

These are what we might get in the future to round out the collection:

Getting Away With Murderous Maths (math tricks and mathematician biographies)
More Murderous Maths (Pythagoras, why we need math)
Guaranteed To Bend Your Brain (more tricks and tips)
Guaranteed To Mash Your Mind (even more tricks and tips)
The Essential Arithmetricks/Tricks of the Trade (multiplication, more biographies and even, even more math tricks)
Numbers, the Key to the Universe (infinity, numbers and their uses)
Vicious Circles and Other Savage Shapes (geometry)
The Fiendish Angletron (angles)
Desperate Measures (measurements)
Do You Feel Lucky? (probability)
The Phantom X (algebra)
The Key to the Universe (a few more tips and tricks and hilarious wit-pitting, I guess)

Where was Kjartan Poskitt when I was younger? LOL. I love that there's even this guarantee: "This book contains no nasty exercises and no boring sums!"


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