Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek 2009

A lotta die-hard trekkies out there are going to want my head over this one. But I will be bold and go where possibly no loyal trekkie has gone before or will go...and say that Star Trek 2009 failed to excite me for more than, possibly, say, hmmm...20 minutes?

The only scene that got me all tingly in the spine and nostalgic was when my beloved Mr Nimoy, all pointy-eared and silver-haired, flashed that Vulcan Salute to young Kirk and said the words that I've always loved to hear from him: Live Long and Prosper. And I was kind of happy when we had that adorable lobster-like monster nipping on the heels of our young upstart.

DS thought it was good. Just good. Not awesome or cool or fantastic. I think he was secretly miffed at me for covering his eyes over certain scenes and on top of that, finishing his Dibs (our standard movie fare) without his permission.

DH, extremely loyal trekkie that he is, thought it was the best Star Trek movie he's ever seen.

Oh well, differences in opinion and the finishing of Dibs without your child's permission...I guess that's what as Spock would say, makes us humans, well, human.
Quick footnote: I realized only recently that not everyone is able to actually do the Vulcan salute! It comes very naturally for me, almost as naturally for DH but not for DS! And a friend I met yesterday couldn't do it either. Interesting...


  1. Hi Suji,
    We watched it yesterday as a late night movie outing. I am not much of a fan of these series, but this movie kind of interested me and kept me 'awake':) May be things are changing due to influences from ds and his interests in SF. Dh, having been a hard core star trek fan before, kind of liked this one too. The kids and dh have watched all the old ones from the library and netflix (movies and TV shows) over and over again but never was I able to sustain it beyond a couple of shows; movies were ok. But now I am interested bringing them in to watch it more diligently, may be this summer and may that would interest me to proof read my ds' SF novel:)

    Happy Mother's Day! And I thank you for the lovely wishes:) You got my innocent son believing in all of it until I broke it out to him showing the top lines of the frame that it was indeed all made-up:). You also got me confused as to who really sent it, as my younger sis goes by Suji too;)

  2. Hi Subadra :) Thank you for dropping in!

    You know, I think my tastes have changed with age (gosh I felt so old watching the movie yesterday LOL).

    I'm glad you enjoyed the video I sent...your son wasn't the only one who fell for it...*I* fell for it and was extremely bewildered until the same lines you mentioned burst my bubble LOL! It was a hoot in our home :)

    Have a lovely weekend! :)

    For anyone wondering what I'm talking about, see this link:

  3. I can do the Vulcan salute! Someone needs to do an academic thesis, I think, on why some can do it and why some can't. Gosh, think of all the dollars the humanities could generate from such a (dare I say it) frivolous expenditure! Oops, how can you tell that I spent a lot of time in the humanities...

    My boys are dying to see this movie, but I don't think they realize what an In Joke it is.


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