Friday, May 29, 2009

Three's Company, Two's A Chore

It's been a very boooooring few weeks for us with DH away on business. So with just two people in the house left to entertain each other and not wanting to leave the kiddo alone too long to his own devises, my blogging time has been sorely affected.

I'm trying to think of it as a good break and finale to our school year and summoning my creative juices to think of parks and malls and bookstores we haven't visited yet :) And we're making good use of our Netflix subscription too :)

Meanwhile, I wanted to share a video we've been watching and enjoying at our latest fave site: We've loved this video for ages now and catching it on Jango has rekindled that love. See if you can spot DS' doppelganger! (Clue: he's a primate!)

Be back soon! Have a wonderful end of spring/start of summer!

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  1. It's hard being the only source of entertainment, isn't it? My DH is out so often that I feel like that a lot too.. And I really need a break! I hope you get a good break when DH comes home!


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