Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cool Science Stuff And A Hot Reviewer

Ha, ha, I really didn't mean "hot" in that sense...I couldn't qualify for that ever. The sun's being too kind this week. I'd really like to hobnob with an iceberg right now. It's Fall you say?

I also think I'm getting my classic "sick-of-how-I-do-things and feeling antsy and bored syndrome" and usually that means I'd either change the masthead of this blog again or rearrange some furniture around the house (I actually just did that a couple of days ago) or change some curriculum we've been using or just wallow in a vegetative state in front of the computer for a number of days/ weeks while despondently drooling after Thames & Kosmos science kits (I've maxed out on our homeschool curricula budget for the next 7 years and need to figure out if I have enough charter funds left for the semester).

Have you seen these kits? I really wish they would make them more affordable so that I could get like 10 for $20 you know? All new, materials unused of course LOL.

Anyway, just wanted to share some of those that make me wish I had a bank account like Harry Potter's (Rowling's too perhaps?):

Aren't they pretty? Another thing I do want to add is the popularity of Adam's Atomic Adventures in our home this week. A fun, possibly self-published, slim paperback by Alice Baxter about how a boy shrinks to atom size to locate a runaway oxygen atom and in the process meets other elements at The Periodic School (look out for a snobby copper atom with too much attitude!). Great read if you can find a copy!

And my thanks to JoVE for suggesting They Might Be Giants' Here Comes Science CD (you can sample some of the music at the link) on the Living Science Yahoo Group. We had a listen today in the car on our journey to seek a sectional sofa we were hoping to be able to afford. The catchy music and wacky lyrics took the pressure off the sticker shock that was to follow and helped ease the disappointment on the way back of not getting the sofa. (Can you tell the heat and the ridiculous prices everyone still expects you to pay today is really getting to me?).

The CD pack includes a DVD too! It's too hot to move right now so I haven't checked that out yet.

Well, I hope you have a wonderfully cool (in both senses of the word) week ahead!


  1. Hi Suji!

    I've been rearranging furniture, too. And cleaning out closets. I think I need a new project now that our workboxes are up and running!

    Those science kits are extremely drool-worthy! Makes me realize we should really plan ahead for next year's chemistry (as in, start saving now!), assuming we finish up with earth science and weather this year, that is. : )

    Sending some cool New England breezes your way (it's 45 degrees here tonight)!

  2. Thank you Christina!! I'd really love 45 degrees right now he he he although I know my boys won't.

    I wish we could be as organized as you are with science :)

  3. Thanks for the pointer to the They Might Be Giants CD! :) Looks like perfect listening material for our long drives this fall!

  4. Yes, that's exactly where DS likes to listen to them most. In the car. And he forces his aging parents to listen to them 5 or 6 times in a row too! But they are cool songs so we don't (always) mind.


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