Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beating Boredom and the Brrr...

About 4 months ago I complained about how hot it could get where we now live. Triple digit temperatures were the norm then. But these days I think I'd give anything to have those back. We've been chilled to the bone for the past 2 weeks. It could be some sort of an air leak in our hall windows. But I think it's just the overall cooler temps here in the Californian Central Valley. Our paper's weather page seems to say we actually get colder temps here than the San Francisco folks! Our first winter in our new home is positively frosty!

These past two days however, I must say we're feeling a little more comfortable and I want to send out a silent cheer and hug to the inventor of fleece jackets. We got a couple from the neighborhood Sears store. Aaaaah...much better.

It's been boring too with DH having to extend his business trip by a full two weeks. So we kinda pigged out and went to watch two movies. Yes, two movies! We did the good ol' back-to-back, the kiddo and I. Something we haven't done in a loooong while.

Here's what we watched:

We missed the final few minutes so as not to be late for
The verdict? I preferred The Christmas Carol (but drat, I flouted our no-movie-before-reading-the-book rule) and the kiddo preferred Planet 51.

While waiting for one of them to start, I can't remember which, we caught this trailer and I can't wait to see it! This one at least we've already read...and immensely enjoyed! Mr Depp is just SO suited to his role don't you think?
Other upcoming movies we may want to catch either on the big screen or via Netflix:
Yes! We are already in the holiday mood!
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  1. We are looking so forward to seeing Percy Jackson. My daughter just started reading the series.

  2. Despite initial reservations I actually liked the books very much! :) Hope your daughter enjoys them Diane!

  3. I really want to see A Christmas Carol - and now that I've seen the Alice in Wonderland trailer I cannot wait for it!!!

  4. Yes, I am very excited about Alice too! I'm a huge Depp fan :) I find it difficult to like anyone else as much these days, he just sets the standard so high.

    I wasn't too into Christmas Carol. It was good but something was missing, I can't put my finger on it. It's a little "dark" and "creepy" too. I hadn't thought of that when we went to watch it and I was surprised DS wasn't freaked out.


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