Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enjoying ROUGH Science

Skiving our problem-solving coop today due to some overall lethargy and tiredness, the kiddo and I treated ourselves to a series of BBC and Open U-produced Rough Science videos on Netflix. The video above is for Series 2 but we haven't caught that one yet. Series 3 (based in New Zealand) and I believe Series 4 too (based in the Death Valley) are available to watch instantly on Netflix and the episodes have immediately become somewhat of a hit with us. We can't wait for another opportunity to watch a few more episodes in a row.

Not having cable, and not having heard of Rough Science prior to this, we depend a lot on random searching of Netflix and online library catalogs for such videos. It was like hitting gold (literally almost, since Series 3 is about gold-prospecting in rough, 19th century, gold-rush-like conditions).

Here's what I've found about Rough Science. There have been 6 series so far! I'm trying to find out how to catch them all. Any suggestions anyone? And you can investigate the science behind each episode too. For instance, see here for some info on a few of the challenges posed in Series 3. And there are some nice links here for delving deeper if you so wish.

(Contented sigh)...I love it when a little searching reveals something worth it like this.


  1. Hi Suji,

    Search the gifted homeschool group archives for "Rough Science" ;) There are links for the activities. I give it a plug whenever I can! We still love it today. Happy Watching and Happy Travels!

  2. p/s Forgot to mention that I have all the episodes (TIVO'ed from good old days when they were aired on PBS).

  3. I so want to raid your home for those TIVOed episodes right now :) LOL. Thanks for the heads up Yen!


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