Thursday, February 18, 2010

This week's priceless moments

Kiddo learns to cycle!
Yes! Yes! Yes! (please imagine lots of elbow pumping gestures). He's actually been scootering around for about 2-3 weeks now but last Saturday, he finally cycled and pedalled the distance from our driveway to a neighbor's. Can't believe I didn't catch it on the camera...hopefully will this weekend.

Spring is here!
Everyone I meet, from cab drivers to random folk on the street say the same thing...there's no such thing as 4 seasons in our new city east of the Bay Area. It seems we'll get 2-3 weeks of really chill weather in the winter, then it's about 2 weeks of spring and off we'll jump straight into summer. Heat-loving hubby is ecstatic. Shade-loving Suji is fuming. Here's a shot of cherry trees all a-blossom!

K'Nex races
Meet Poochi and Puzhu. Poochi is 'insect' in Tamil. Puzhu is 'worm'. (Puzhu is pronounced pu-loo, with tongue thrust backwards into palate on the 'l')

The boys have been racing these the whole weekend. Dad's Poochi races across the carpet but gets stuck on smooth tile floors. Kiddo' Puzhu plods on slowly but steadily across all floors. Hands down winner? The worm, of course!


  1. I love cherry blossoms! BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait for them to start blooming here.

  2. Yay kiddo re the bike reading - well done!!!

    Love the K'Nex creatures :)

  3. Oh, those cherry blossoms are gorgeous! I remember life in warm places like California and Arkansas... sigh. I'm still enjoying the snow here in MN though this year, for some inexplicable reason. I think because it's working well for my hermit tendencies. :)

    Congrats on the cycling too!

  4. Congrats to your ds!That is awesome!

    Mine learned to bike around this age as well, and I did not even take notice..For a long time I watched longingly at my neighbor's 4yr old biking with no training wheels and mine would refuse to even get on the bike...

    And finally one day, I found both of mine racing across the street with each other..around this age of 6 and younger one had an advantage of seeing the older one trying to bike and learn from it I think :)

    Enjoy those precious moments

  5. He he, thank you ladies! The cycling is certainly a milestone! Like Subadra, I used to gaze longingly at the kids at the park, cycling without training wheels at 4 yo! But it's happened and I'm really happy! Next project: monkey bars! He he he, no, I'm kidding of course :)

    Aren't the cherry blossoms amazing Michelle? I wish they'd bloom for longer though :)

    Kerrie, kiddo says thank you for the K'Nex compliment :)

    Alicia, if I lived where it snows like that I won't step out either...maybe just to catch a snowflake or 2 and let it melt in my hands and then I'd run back in...brrr! I'm a wimp. Don't know how you do it!


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