Sunday, April 11, 2010

Look what I found...

One of the tasks I'd promised myself I'd complete when I visited my parents' home in Malaysia recently was to clear out all my stuff from my old room. One of the things I'd left behind was a pocket file filled with all my old writings and watercolor pieces.

Most of the written pieces that meant something to me (I used to write lots of poems as a child and teen) I'd already brought along with me on my various moves but for some reason, I hadn't wanted to lug my watercolors around. I find it hard to be proud of them. Unlike my love for writing poetry, painting is a skill that I always think of as something I crept stealthily into. It's difficult to explain why but let's just say I am not a born artist.

Anyway, I found a whole pile of doodles and watercolor attempts completed during my teens. My hubby is quite an amazing artist so I thought I'd shortlist a few to bring back with me to show him.

Then a few days ago, catching up on all the wonderful blogs I like to read, I noticed that two of my favorite bloggers had written about watercolors. Michelle's post is making me wonder whether perhaps I should start painting again and Subadra's own reminiscing about watercolor art inspired me to share a few of my paintings publicly to remind me that I too used to dabble in such pursuits LOL.

So here are three I painted when I was 18.

Drawing from imagination is difficult for me. I'm not very good at drawing figures and usually avoid this at all cost. But I had to produce a painting of some sort of a boat as an art assignment for school so what to do but hash up something? You can see my discomfort at drawing people reflected in the tourist's distorted foot. Looks like the guy twisted it something bad! LOL!

This is one of my rare paintings that I actually like. I distinctly remember picking the sorriest looking leaf to reproduce because it looked the prettiest to me. In the top corner is the contact number and address for an art school that I briefly attended.

I definitely copied these birds from somewhere (did I mention I really can't draw well from imagination?) but I can't remember where. What I do remember is loving birds so much, especially pigeons. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I was surrounded by these feathered friends and still find them the most hilarious of birds. The guy on the left doesn't look like a Malaysian native bird so I have no idea what bird he is.

I didn't name these paintings so if anyone has good ideas for names, I'm all ears!


  1. I think the guys on the two boats are talking calmly while they both wait for a rescue crew ... one has a twisted ankle and the other is standing on the side of his boat! Jokes aside, it's a great painting!!

    :) Vanessa

  2. Please *do* start painting again! I would love to have a watercolour buddy. :) I'm going to be doing a lot of blogging about watercolour painting in the future, especially when my new goodies arrive. :)

    Watercolour "attempts"?! Those aren't attempts, those are fabulous! I love the leaf.

    You need to make some "how to" videos. I desperately need some lessons. must have loved living in the UK then, we've got pigeons galore. :)

  3. LOL Vanessa! You are so funny and sweet! He he he. I like the idea of the rescue though.

    Michelle, I could make a video of how not to start painting LOL! OH I am looking forward to reading about all your delectable supplies. Living vicariously here! :)

  4. WOW! That looks like a 'born artist' to me! I love the leaf especially!

  5. Hi Suji,
    Those are beautiful paintings. I think you should frame them. And then continue to paint more.

    Michelle really needs a painting buddy(and her blog is awesome resource for all watercolors), and I need more inspiration from my blogger friends to pick up my paint supplies to paint away...

    So, ladies, lead the path for me...

  6. Kerrie, Subadra, you guys are very kind! Sitting down to paint keeps getting shoved in favor of other things...I'm hoping I will at least get down to it during the summer...hopefully!! (ha ha, I'm a procrastination addict right now)


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