Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Planting!

Call it garden experiments! We haven't done much in the way of improving our yard since we moved into this home last summer. The beautiful spring weather and garden advertisements at a nearby garden center have had my hubby feeling very fretful about the lack of color in our front lawn and backyard. So here are a few of our new additions...

The container of flowers have African daisies, roses and kangaroo paw. We uprooted a dying pink-striped formium and replaced it with more African daisies. In the backyard, kiddo wanted a dwarf blood orange tree and kumquats. And we have some toadstools and a gnome joining our little bird bath.

It's a gorgeous spring this year. The air is so fragrant with the scent of blossoms and herbs. The colors just pop! I feel like nature's trying to send double doses of therapy our way after a particularly bad case of winter blah's in December and January. Yippee for these gorgeous natural cycles!


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