Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ah, now we know where he stands...

We've been having some great vocabulary being thrown around lately by Mr Kiddo...not always accurately used but fun to hear nevertheless (or unnerving, depending on how you feel about such things LOL!).

When I was trying to explain how much my Dad has mellowed since my childhood years...

"You mean he turned benign?"

When the hubby was describing how boring one of his meetings was at work:

"Did you fall into a stupor Dad?"

At lunch today, in public, while discussing religion (and not politics), in a very loud voice...

"Mom, I think I'm an anarchist!"

One of these days, I'm very likely going to need to dig a hole and bury myself.


  1. Very funny and a very good vocabulary.

  2. >"Mom, I think I'm an anarchist!"

    I nearly choked on my Rice Krispies when I read that! Hilarious, yet slightly embarrassing for poor mom!

    We often get to enjoy lively vocabulary in our home, too. Exquisite was a recently used word here, and I swear I head him mutter the word mundane the other day.

    From the lips of babes...

  3. lol, he's starting anarchy young :)

  4. I love these kinds of conversations. They are so naively charming. My two boys both used "apparently" for ages, never quite correctly.

    Now of course the teenager uses what I term "Neanderthal Speak" which is usually banned in my presence. I do not like grunts and sharp exhalations all that much.

  5. Exquisite and mundane must have been super cool to hear Michelle! LOL...these guys really know how to tickle our funnybones.

    Kerry, you're right...I CAN imagine him carrying out anarchy quite easily!

    Sheila, I'm enjoying all this while I can :) I have every reason to think Neanderthal Speak will be the order of the day here too...possibly sooner than I expect!


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