Monday, November 29, 2010

The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs FunSchooling

OK, I did something I obviously don't do often. And it's obviously something I should do more often, at least for the sake of writing a coherent blog.

You know that Link Within widget at the bottom of every post? Well, I clicked on one and started reading my own archives. And discovered that when I call us "eclectic" homeschoolers, we are the very embodiment of eclectic. As in not-even-sure-what-we're-doing-because-it's-just-so-darn-mixed-up-all-the-time eclectic.

Have you ever found yourself writing blog post after blog post about how you homeschool and then discovering that your blog posts have little in common with each other or contradict what you mentioned in a previous month? Sigh...I am obviously headed towards a dementia-ridden dotage. I seem to be operating so much on "what works right now" mode that there seems little continuity between one month and the next and I can't even remember how things changed.

For example, I wrote at the official beginning of our Year 3 that we pick and choose what works and that I am okay with that. And then, I wrote about a month later that the kiddo would be flying free and having more say about what we'd use, obviously indicating that some time in-between beginning and month 2, I'd made things more structured in a way he wasn't happy with.

Fast forward another 30 days: our flying free experiment was tweaked again but not all that much. But compare it to this month's snapshot. A lot more structure! The funny thing is, I don't remember how we got here or the kiddo complaining about it. Me thinks it's due to trying to learn three foreign languages at the same time. I feel a need to schedule that learning, otherwise, we don't practice enough. But he's not been resisting it. Perhaps because it's something he's enjoying?

We're really mixed up (I say 'we' because currently, I'm learning with him, as in having-my-own-notebook-and-writing-my-own-notes-and-looking-stuff-up-myself kind of learning). Not that it's not enjoyable...just very mixed up. So if you're reading the archives, you've been warned that no two months at FunSchooling will be exactly alike. Actually, I think no two days at FunSchooling will look alike. I used to just throw that description around when asked to describe how we homeschool. I was obviously being extremely honest!

I wonder if the kiddo will ever realize exactly how mixed-up a life he's leading.


  1. That's the beauty of homeschooling, though.

    I say, Enjoy!

  2. Oh good Ruth! I'm kind of using that beauty of homeschooling thing a little too often these days LOL...almost like an excuse. But if you say it, I will believe it! :)

  3. thinks me used too many bold italics in this post.

  4. Ultimately, the only question is whether it's working for your son? If it is, go with it. If it isn't, change it.

    Seems to me you are on terra firma. :)

  5. lol - when it works, run with it. When it stops working, change it. Don't let anyone else tell you that you're doing it 'wrong'!!

  6. "Have you ever found yourself writing blog post after blog post ...your blog posts have little in common with each other or contradict what you mentioned in a previous month?"

    Uh, only every other week or so. :)

    Well, not so much now, and actually, it worried me a bit. I think we're becoming a bit stale and unexciting.

    I don't think what you're doing is mixed up at all. I think you're going with the ebb and flow of life and learning, you're being flexible and adaptive, and you're teaching your son to do the same. Those are great skills for kids and adults to have and will help stave off the "we do it this way because we've always done it this way" syndrome, the sure-fire creativity killer. He'll be one of the few who are able to think outside of the box. :)

  7. You guys are the best! And Michelle, don't ever for one minute think your blog is stale. No way, San Jose! (as the kiddo would say).

    I have to keep convincing myself that I have to do things my way. It's really hard to break out of that constant second guessing. :P


  8. I liked Lisa's post on a related topic: She's so spot on about how we do things in our own home.

  9. Hahaha, Suji, I was just coming on here to say how much your post reminded me of our homeschool experience, and you've just said the same thing.

    It sounds from all the other comments like we have a lot of kindred spirits here, and I'm grateful for it!


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