Thursday, November 25, 2010

The SF Auto Show

The 53rd Annual International Auto Show to be exact. I was going to blog about it with my November snapshot but decided it was so fun, it deserved a blog post of its own.

It was especially special because we headed over to San Francisco right after the kiddo's presentation to our homeschool group and stayed overnight! We haven't done something this spontaneous for quite a while!

Anyway, on to the auto show. Our main reason for heading there was to catch a good look of the car hubby has his eye on. We've been surviving with one car ever since we received our US driving license 4+ years ago. We've finally decided to bite the bullet and get a second car. And boy does hubby have good taste! :)

Good looking car alright! Let's hope the price is right when it hits dealers in December.

Since I was feeling extremely generous, I decided to lend the show my car for a while too.

LOL. Well a girl can wish can't she? The last time I was this close to a Rolls Royce, I was 5 years old and not even sure what all the fuss was about. 
This time, I could see very clearly what the fuss was about.

Here are a few more cars that really caught my eye:

The BMW Isetta is such a cutie! You enter it by lifting up that buxom hood...serious!

I've always had the hots for the Mini Cooper. Hubby thinks it's a huge waste of money but I really can't help it. The kiddo has strict instructions to buy me one once he becomes a world famous actor/scientist/mathematician/neurosurgeon/crossword-puzzle creator LOL.

What the?? He he...can't decide between buying a car and a pool table? Why not have both?

While I was getting dehydrated with all that drooling, the kiddo kept himself busy playing
"can you follow the light" games...

...and tried to pinch this Toyota when his Dad was looking the other way.
I'm so proud. He's such a chip off the ol' Mommy block don't you agree?

What? Heading home already? Unfortunately, the boys aren't as crazy about cars as I am so we headed home right after checking out the Hyundais, Mazdas, Hondas, Toyotas and Mini Coopers. But not before the kiddo charmed the pretty young VW sales exec into giving him a little blue car-shaped pencil holder!


  1. Okay, I want that Isetta. I'm sure it would do just fine with the snow here.

    Richard wants a Mini Cooper too, even though it would crush him like a fly in an accident. And not hold any of his kids. And barely me. And nothing else. Gosh, he sounds even flakier than me, doesn't he?

    Fun show. Reminds me of the Top Gear boys.

  2. Sheila, I heard somewhere that BMW is planning to relaunch the Isetta. Or maybe they've already done it....sigh. I'm really in love with micros and minis right now. Sigh...

    Thanks for mentioning top gear...I've heard much but haven't watched it...but just realized there are a few series playing instantly on netflix! Woohoo!

  3. Oh, Isa would love to go to a car show. I've learned so much about cars from Isa and Top Gear. And the Mini is a fav of mine, too. They're actually pretty roomy...not that I've been in one, mind you, but I've peered into many in parking lots, occasionally setting off the odd alarm, but never mind...

  4. He he he Michelle...know just what you mean. I've always been curious about how big they are on the inside...if they would fit my er, girth. We've just watched 4 Top Gear (series 9) episodes in a row! It's a hit with the kiddo!

  5. We have a 10yo version of that car (the Hyundai Lantra).


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