Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back From Tahoe!

The FunSchoolers spent an amazing four days at Lake Tahoe...our first long-enough-to-be-counted-as-a-proper vacation/road trip in two long years.

We'd planned this back in September, but when the day actually came to leave (Dec 19), we were a little anxious about the weather reports. Snowstorms were predicted for the West Coast and we ended up having quite a bit of an adventure, including losing our way in the middle of the Eldorado National Forest, and then thankfully, rediscovering civilization, before hitting the right path again only to be slowed down by snow chains and having to inch our way painfully in our wheezing but stout-hearted ol'van up treacherously slippery slopes while being pelted by heavy snow. This was the view from the car as we approached Tahoe.

Complete white out! And here's the view from Heavenly Village's observation platform (located at about 9100 feet) the next day.

Did I say complete white out? Just three years before, almost to the day, we were standing there marveling at the spectacularly clear view of the lake and surrounding mountains! This time, we didn't get to see the lake till our second day at Tahoe. That too, we only caught glimpses from our hotel room before more snow caused, yes, complete white out.

The snow though seemed heaven sent. I don't remember our previous trip being as beautiful. I went ga-ga over the snow-topped village scene. We especially liked the icicles under this Art Gallery's signboard.

And the crazy people we are, we tried to see who could make icicles fall by blowing on them:

The kiddo had huge fun sledding all over the place this time (the last time, he was a little too young too appreciate it fully)...

...and planning sneaky snowball attacks (when he wasn't looking, his Dad was doing the on photo to see what Dad is up to!).

We reached home yesterday, exhausted but very thankful for a delightful break. There was only one wish unfulfilled...I was hoping very much to meet (in real life), none other than one of my favorite bloggers, Annie of Learn At Every Turn! Unfortunately, one of her young guys fell ill and we had to cancel. Hope your boys are feeling much better and hope we'll have a chance to meet soon Annie!

Merry Christmas dear readers! May your coming year be filled with immense joy and the heartiest of health.


  1. Wow, that looks amazing!!!

    Merry Xmas to you all!

    (BTW 39 days to go..)

  2. Wow! What an adventure! I'm glad you are home safe!

    I'm not the most social person in the world, and I can say that I am genuinely sorry we missed our chance to visit. I hope we can remedy that in the future. However, we were wiser to skip. The other two boys came down with the same bug shortly thereafter, and we are slowly getting over it.

  3. What lovely pictures, Suji. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday. Rita

  4. 36 now Kerrie! :)

    Hope all are better now Annie!

    Thanks Rita! :)


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