Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Perfect Movie Meme

I'm sitting here staring at the computer...and apart from the light drone of our heating system, I am wrapped in a sudden mist of silence. The kiddo is happily playing with Dad (who's just returned from a business trip) upstairs and I realize that for the first time in two weeks, I am spending a waking moment of almost absolute quiet.

I always miss the kiddo when he isn't somewhere close by...but this precious moment of silence makes me feel like I've hit the lottery! It's nice, rare though it is, to have quiet over questions...to be able to hear myself think...

Anyway, as I'm sitting here, I'm wondering, how would I spend an hour or two like this? What would be the perfect activity for me? Funnily, the first thing that popped into my head wasn't reading a good book or catching up on email or fiddling with the blog or cleaning the kitchen. It was instead, the desire to watch a very, very, very good movie. I'm not an idiot box fan so I must say I'm very surprised.

And that made me wonder, what would my perfect movie look like?

Hmm...it will need to have Johnny Depp in it. And both Amir and Imran Khan in slightly humorous roles. Helena Bonham Carter definitely, and also, David Tennant, Ian McKellen and all of the Mythbusters and Top Gear hosts. I'd adore a Hrithik Roshan dance number (without a single costume change and with Hrithik vanishing right after he's done his jig). There needs to be at least one kid actor, an intelligent, compellingly believable kid actor. With a personality like Calpurnia Tate's or Flavia de Luce's or Will Stanton's. There will be danger but the kid will always be safe from harm.

It will be set in Cornwall, Scotland or Wales (or all three). There'll be lots of magic and mystery. One character will be a genius with numbers. Another will be a shapeshifter. A third will have obsessive compulsive disorder. One will say the funniest things with the most deadpan of expressions.

There will be one furry, lovable canine but it will not talk or dance or like the kid character, be in harm's way. Preferably not a chihuaha. A wolf or three would be excellent.

It may or may not be based on a book, but if it is, it will stay true to the author's plot. It will have a whip-smart script and a sweeping, goosepimple-raising soundtrack that I will want to hum for days on end or maybe even try to learn to play on the piano, no matter how long it will take me.

Romance isn't mandatory. It will be PG or at most PG-13. It will have no vampires.

I'd love it if you felt, after reading this post, inspired to turn it into a meme. So tell me, what's your perfect movie? :)


  1. Oooh, I'm *so* doing this meme! I love Helena Bonham Carter, too. I agree, no talking animals. I may have a vampire or two in mine, though. :)

  2. My first thought was IMRAN KHAN? Suji! He's an old cricketer, isn't he? So I googled him and yes, there is a newer model out there. I am assuming that this newer version of IK is the one you want in your movie.

    And no vampires? Why, how boringly original of you, lol. I thought vampires were de rigueur in EVERYTHING these days! Ah, for the good old days of Dark Shadows.

    Our PBS channel screened It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World the other night, and Max was CHARMED by it. I'd forgotten what old gems Hollywood used to make.

    DOGIM: the canine version of "Book 'em Danno."

  3. Michelle, maybe I should rephrase that...I really wouldn't mind a Transylvanian David Tennant LOL! Oh I can't wait to read yours! ;)

  4. LOL Sheila...yes, I meant the newer, shinier Imran Khan. He's quickly catching up to the popularity of his uncle (Amir, I mean, and not the older IK).

    OK, to borrow the emphasis from Michelle, we're *so* watching It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World through Netflix! I love your taste in movies!

    Kerrie, if you're reading this, we may have the DVD by the time you're here!

  5. So are we up for a David Tennant / Johnny Depp movie fest in a week's time???!!

    I didn't know there was a newer version of Imran Khan - I thought the cricketer must've taken up acting. He was a bit of heart-throb in his day!

  6. How about some instant Dr Who or Alice in Wonderland on Netflix? :) We also have a Pirates of the Caribbean DVD in a corner somewhere.

  7. wow Suji... its a tall order isn't it?But mine can't be this creative like yours,a comedy would be nice with Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves oooh!!!

  8. Hey sweetie! Thanks for visiting! Oy...that 'oooh' bit...*that* serious huh? I wonder if your two 'A's know about this Pitt-Reeves fetish...hmmm?

  9. Ever since JTJN movie, IK is a fav of my children...I remember his uncle's career beginning after QSQT in similar fashion when we were in school:-).

    This is not about movies, but we are big on how attractively and creatively ads are made:-). Imran Khan's Indian? ad, I think on Coke or pepsi is so lovely!

    I have always thought that the most creative ads are created in India(when compared to the US and UK ones...as these are the only ones we have seen:)). I am not sure if you ever get to see any of the Indian ads...but if you catch any of the washing soap ad or coke ads...check them out...We see the creativity behind it as to how best they want to sell their products, since my ds is a photography crazed writer kid.......it is an interesting industry:-)

    Hope you are having a great time with ur friend's visit!

  10. Oooh, just watched 2 IK coke ad versions. Both were great, very well conceptualized and executed. He is so expressive. Thanks for the heads up Subadra!


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