Friday, May 6, 2011

Stand Aside Supes!

Thor was a surprisingly sciency flick although they did go a tad overboard with the Tesla coil effect methought.

In case you haven't heard, Thor's just the first of a slew of superhero movies planned for summer. There's also Green Lantern, Captain America, X-Men First Class (with James McAvoy!) and the dubious-sounding Cowboys and Aliens.

We were shown trailers for three (except X-Men) and also trailers for other coming-soons. What excited me most was this...

and this...

Me heart's a thumping real hard waiting! But I'm upset they've 3D-fied everything. Bound to give me headaches these 3D movies. Oh well, I guess they'll be worth it all the same.


  1. mmmm, nice :)

    I hope they'll somehow show the 3 Musketeers in 2D. I can't watch 3D either :(

  2. Yeah, we're getting a little tired of the 3-d thing, too. But we are looking forward to some fun summer movies. Dad and the kids saw Thor last night and they said it was pretty good. (I enjoyed some kid-free time at home!)

  3. I took my mom to see Thor for Mother's Day. She loves movies like Thor, and she loved it. I liked it, especially the science aspect. Can't wait for Pirates!

    Happy Mother's Day!


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