Sunday, August 28, 2011

Starting Soon

I'm feeling jittery with the thought of beginning a new school year, never mind that we school year round, never mind that I've been doing this a while aleady. Why does every start of the official school year make me feel this way? Never mind.

Stockmar Modeling Beeswax - 12 Assorted SheetsAnyway, while our lessons-in-the-afternoon plan has been working well for the past couple of semesters, I'm tempted to see if we can give lessons in the morning a try again. This will mean waking up a little earlier and trying to finish math and German in the mornings to help us have less to worry about later in the day. I have no idea if it will work. But *I* love an experiment.

Also new this semester will be setting aside more time for creating. I have stumbled upon some nice beeswax and clay modeling ideas from various Waldorf-y sites and hope to implement some of that when we have time. We're not Waldorf homeschoolers at all but kiddo loves working with clay and it's such a therapeutic thing to do. I like that we're becoming even more eclectic too. Should have thought of it earlier. We might also give cartooning a try since kiddo is picking up some interest in this. Don't expect anything "sequential" to happen. We'll just do it our way and see if it helps us relax and if kiddo will create something he will be proud of.


  1. Why are you always like that at the start of each school year, you ask? Because you're a perfectionist :)

    Enjoy being eclectic and doing things in your own order!

  2. Good luck to the start of a new school year!

  3. You know,I'm always jittery at the beginning of each year. Usually, I've tinkered with the curriculum, or I'm starting another son. Still, this is my sixth year of "officially" homeschooling. You'd think I'd be over the jitters, too.

  4. Kerrie dearie, I solemnly promise to try hard! (grin!)

    Thanks Neo and Annie.
    Good luck to you too Neo!
    Glad we're in this together, Annie! :)


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