Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ardenwood Renaissance Faire 2011

I have only a few precious minutes to blog today since the kiddo needs the laptop. So here's a quick account of how we spent our Saturday (which was also DH and my 12th wedding anniversary).

The Funschoolers had a wonderful time at the fair yesterday, despite being a little late getting there (darn GPS brought us to the wrong spot) and missing some of the fun morning events.

We went dressed as ourselves. Except for dad, who was time traveling with the Doctor.

After buying tickets, we were greeted by none other than ol' Will himself.

The costumes some of these folk were wearing were beautiful. I would never have spent this much effort and attention on something to wear. There were very many wonderful peasants and noble men and women of all ages. I couldn't take my eyes off this gentleman's err..."sheathed" behind. And Queen E the first was there with her lady-in-waiting, handing out favors to young princesses and pages.

There were lovely weapons on display. 

I was very smitten with these bone pins. The Dark Side has always tempted me. Arrrr, they were too expensive.

Kiddo assaulted some nuts and grew very fond of a certain brass rubbing. 

After a sumptuous lunch of chicken on a stick (we decided that the jumbo turkey legs were too much for us), we headed to the highlight: the royal joust. Kiddo and I cheered for the Green Knight. Dad as usual, cheered for the "bad" guy.

Many laughs, applause and much good cheer (bloodthirsty spectators that we are) later, we headed to a park near home for some biking and peaceful reflection, followed by naan, lamb biryani and mixed grill for dinner.


  1. What a fantastic day! I wish we could have joined!

    Happy Anniversary! We celebrate our 13th in just a couple of days.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you too Annie! Yes, it was a lovely day.

  3. Fantastic! This kind of field trip is just what we would have gone to. Happy Anniversary to you!

  4. What a fun looking day and some of the costumes looked amazing especially the Queens:)

  5. Ooh I love me some men in medieval costume :)

    Happy anniversary!

  6. Happy anniversary! And wow - this event is definitely going on the calendar for next year! If I'd known about it this year - and if I'd not been in Salt Lake City - we would have been there! We're going to the Renaissance Fair in Casa de Fruta this weekend ... :)


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