Saturday, October 29, 2011

Randomly Recent from Funschooling Academy...

I've become too lazy to post these days so in an attempt to pick up the pace, I'm trying different post formats.
Please bear with me? :)

What do Sal Khan and James Grime have in common? They've both created wonderful windows of opportunity for the walls you hit with formal math curricula.

When the sun shines, paint a picnic table!

The trick to coaxing a reluctant writer to type/write? Provide free-writing opportunities with ludicrous themes!

Take a break from routine history with a documentary from Netflix! We enjoyed BBC's The Lost Kingdoms of Africa:

Enjoy the extraordinary! We've never seen pelicans flying in formation before.


  1. We don't have wild pelicans here, so to see them flying in formation is such a wonderous sight. Thanks for being quick with your camera and snapping that photo!

  2. Kerrie, isn't it crazy how much they'll do when it's not mom asking them to?

    Neo, a friend pointed them out to me, I'd have almost missed them if it weren't for her quick eye. They're beautiful aren't they? We were so lucky to be at the right place at the right time.


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