Monday, December 5, 2011

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The Buckyball Challenge

Ever since kiddo received his box of buckyballs last Christmas, he's been trying to get them back into the original cube shape on his own (without googling or looking for youtube videos, I must add).

Success is sweet after almost a year of patient thinking and tinkering. Just hours later, he figured out how to make a reverse dodecahedron. These buckyballs and his silly putty have been godsends to help him focus when we do read-alouds, watch videos or generally do anything that requires him to be seated quietly for an hour or more.

Are Your Feeling It Yet?

I think I finally am. Still not enough to haul that tree and the decorations out though.

Can You Guess What This Is?

I finally found a set of cocktail-sized forks I'm happy with. And at just under $5 for a box of 48 forks, I don't think I can find a better deal. We're one of those families that keep running out of toothpicks when we want to serve guests cut fruit (blame those impromptu science experiments...and hey, you didn't think we pick our teeth that often did you?!) so I've been looking for a long time for affordable forks that I don't have to throw away afterwards. The pix above is a close-up of my beautiful forks in a soapy, hot water bath. Couldn't resist that pretty blur of colored bubbles. And here they are on the left, zoomed out, trying to get away from the heat (aargh, she's trying to boil us alive, she is!).

The Chortling Bard

Kiddo just loves, loves, loves Richard Armour's Twisted Tales from Shakespeare. He's reading it the second time now in a space of five days. Some of the language is obviously rubbing off on him. Today, he described the water boiling in our hot water kettle as "chortling merrily". :)

Cuneiform, You Say?

Cuneiform Funschoolers' style, actually. I don't think the Babylonians would recognize a wedge of it! These are supposed to read Man Eat Cow, Mountain, Ox To Plow and we can't remember what else and in what sequence lol. I couldn't resist adding the happy face. This was an activity from Chapter One of Ellen McHenry's Mapping the World with Art. The chapter was rather enjoyable.


  1. Looks like fun learning to me!

    I especially like the comment about the buckyballs and playdough to keep your son occupied while listening. It has taken me so long to understand that they may not look like they are paying attention, but they are absorbing because their hands are busy.

  2. You've been having fun :)

    I'd heard of those buckyballs but didn't know exactly what they were - now I know, and I want some! They look very addictive!

  3. Are those cuneiform biscuits? Add some spices to cookie dough and you'll get Christmas cuneiform biscuits.... I'm starting to think about X'mas too. :-)


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