Friday, January 6, 2012

Physics with Derek Owens

It's much too soon for a full review as kiddo has only just started this program. But I wanted to mention how grateful I am for Derek Owens. Derek teaches math and physics live in person and via distance education (recorded lectures). Since we're not living close to Derek, we are using the distance education option.

Kiddo will be trying Physics I with Derek this year. I'm relieved because while I can research and compile lists and lists of resources for the subject, I cannot teach Physics. His Dad can teach Physics but rarely has the time it takes for consistent instruction. When I heard about Derek Owens' distance ed program, I thought I'd give it a try. So much of homeschooling is a journey of faith. You may find that when your child is ready for certain things, you'll be experimenting over and over again not only with curriculum but also with online programs and service providers so you have to be willing sometimes to take a risk and just go with it.

So far, Derek seems to be a risk well taken. Why I wanted to mention Derek today is because I am very touched and grateful to him for two reasons. First, he didn't pooh-pooh us about kiddo being younger than his usual target audience. Believe me, this may not strike you as being praiseworthy but I've come across folk who are miserably pedantic about such things. I am truly very happy that Derek was supportive and welcoming towards my younger student. Second, Derek gives you all the materials for just a $15 registration fee. I mean ALL the materials: all lectures, all notes, all homework and lab work links. Everything. You do have an option of buying the workbook instead of printing it and that will cost about $50 more (each semester's workbook at Derek's Lulu store is $22.31 without shipping). But if you don't mind the printing, everything is available to you after you pay the registration fee.

You will then pay the monthly distance ed fee when your student starts working on the materials and sends homework to Derek for checking and feedback.

After consulting Derek and kiddo, we'll be setting aside about 4-5 hours a week for this program. We may supplement where we can with additional labs (if kiddo wants them), Teaching Company Great Courses and various reading materials. If kiddo is truly able to handle the work and maintains a steady pace, I'll try to remember to write a more detailed review when he's close to completion. For now, I wanted to post my unsolicited gratitude because I strongly believe in recognizing a good service and passing on a good word when I stumble upon such a service.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I love it when I can find a real live person that I'm familiar with recommending something. :)

  2. It is so funny that you posted this. I was just looking at Derek Owen's site yesterday. Tru would love to take this class, and I am debating whether to enroll him or not. Thanks for posting about it.

  3. Glad to help! :) I hope Tru likes it, Jill!

  4. Thanks for the review of Derek Owens, we've been looking at his classes as well.

    As for you question on Japanese on my blog, we're not adding anything except the workbook and textbook. We are making flashcards and practicing our hiragana. We're not far into the program, so we will add review, but that's about it.


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