Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Is Here Again!

Stepping briefly out of my self-imposed time off to wish you all a happy spring.

Spring is my favorite season, followed closely by fall. Spring gives me a literal spring in my step. It's a time of healing and joy and all things bright and beautiful for very visual ol' me. I love the colors of spring. How everything pops with vibrancy, squealing for attention (look at me, look at me!), begging to be admired. I love the hummingbirds buzzing around in our backyard. The glint of sunlight sparkling off the water in our outdoor fountain. The rich emerald green of the grass. Shadows traced from our various shade structures and yard furniture. Everything seems fresher somehow.

This year, I'm so happy about our blood orange harvest. And I'm so glad my favorite grocer is selling red, ripe mangoes again. I'm happy for the books dotting our tables and carpet and the games kiddo is rediscovering.
I cleaned out his drawers some time back and put all his little toys he used to play with when younger in a hurricane jar (I call it his jar of curiosities). He is having fun playing with his Boggle hour glass and whistle and top, tangram, geoboards and other toys again.

I was also inspired by spring to change the blog's look a little. I hope you like the new header. I wanted something very simple this time. Kiddo says the banner only represents us if you think of it as a metaphor. LOL, pure honesty from the mouth of babes.

I'm not as much of a green thumb as the blog banner suggests. Neither does his Dad come home bearing boxes of books but if you look at it symbolically, it is the truth in its own way. :)

Nothing hidden about this photo (except parts of his textbook and notebook but that was not intentional lol). After a particularly difficult few sections in math, he is flashing happy smiles again. So in a sense, I also want to celebrate the fact that he was persistent enough to work on the problems, despite the frustration.

Back to my break now. Happy Spring everyone!

ETA: Header has been changed again. Now you know what I like to do during blogging breaks. :)


  1. Happy Spring! I love your new header. It gives a fresh, clean look to the blog.

    I hope you keep enjoying your self-imposed break! :)

  2. Thank you Jill! :) And of course, being the impulsive creature I am, I changed the header again. :)


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