Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What Asynchrony Means

This post is a dedication to all the kids out there who are "many ages at once". You know you have an asynchronous child when she reads at the college level but cannot tie her shoes. Or perhaps she ties her shoes extremely well for her age and also does algebra in her head but cannot cut in a straight line or spell at grade level. Homeschooling is a blessing for many of these children but it may not be the best solution for every child. It takes time and money for parents of such kids to find the right fit but some of these parents may not be able to afford the resources necessary to help their child thrive.

The following video, from the Asynchronous Scholars' Fund, captures beautifully what it means for an asynchronous child to live in a world that does not understand him or her. If you would like to support the fund, please visit this page.


  1. What a great summary and a great cause. That was primarily the reason we started homeschooling (and yes, the shoe tying is still a challenge lol!)

  2. That was a wonderful video. I have never heard of asynchrony before, but it reminded me of Tru in many ways. Hmm,food for thought...

  3. Such a helpful video, I agree! I remember perfectly the aha moment I had when I heard about asynchrony for the first time several years ago. It finally helped me understand the nature of kiddo's haphazard milestones.


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