Sunday, May 27, 2012

I've found it...

...finally. Words that explain why choosing the alternative path to home-educate really appeals to me. I found this link through a chance discussion on my local list about the Goldberg conjecture. Wonderful how you find things when you least expect to. Anyway, here it is:

"Every person whom you come into contact with, every exploration into every place on your planet, every interaction with anyone who comes to you will be one that has the potential of uplifting them because you represent the best of all that exists in all of the universe. And you know it because you feel frisky. You're full of yourself. Your eyes are bright.  Your body feels good. Your body is functioning the way you want it to. Your heart is lifted. Your mind is clear. Your wit is sharp. Your fun is full. Your eagerness is pronounced. Your love is apparent. Your appreciation for all things is off the charts." 
- Abraham Hicks*
Source: Math Be Brave blog

For reasons I don't yet understand, this quote speaks volumes to me and really resonates with feelings I've held deep within.

When you feel for something so deeply, it is an indescribable pain to have it snatched away or have it forced into unfathomably boring little boxes.

I want to keep that fun full, that eagerness pronounced, the appreciation for all things off the charts, for as long as I can.

*I am not connected in anyway to Abraham Hicks and persons related to this organization. I am merely appreciative of these well-crafted words.


  1. Wow! Couldn't have said it better myself!

    Today, another teacher/mom noticed that K was very curious. She said most kids lose it after they start school. She asked if she held onto hers because of homeschooling. I told her, "Yes! That's it!" LOL. Since no one has forced fed her things, her mind is still very open and wide. She sees things with wonder and examines everything. Her constant questioning lets me know she is thinking and processing the world around her. We haven't been homeschooling long but I hope this never goes away!

  2. Yeay for K! Yes, that sense of wonder, that's why I really am grateful we homeschool. They have Time to wonder too. :)

  3. I love it when I'm so totally entranced by something that I feel like that! Something to aspire too more often, methinks :)


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