Friday, May 18, 2012

More Building Fun: Theo and Lego

The boys continue to make little changes to the pond and the rover, but in the meanwhile, kiddo has also been tinkering with two kits he received.

Kit One: Animaris Ordus Parvus 
Engineering ingenuity to me = Theo Jansen. You can also view several videos of his sand beast kinetic sculptures on YouTube. Here's one that I like:

Hubby purchased an Animaris kit for kiddo on his last trip to Japan and it was quite fun to watch the two of them trying to decipher the instructions in Japanese. It was a good opportunity for kiddo to put some of his Japanese lessons to use! Here's kiddo's finished beast (which I secretly call Mr Creepy) on a very windy day in our driveway:

Kit Two: Klutz-Lego Crazy Action Contraptions Kiddo received this kit after a short stint as Klutz product tester and went on to build almost every single project in the kit. Unbeknownst to me, he also filmed the results! I was checking the camera a few days ago and was particularly tickled by this one because he filmed it while an episode from Star Trek: The Next Generation was playing in the background. Watch the video to see what I mean. :)


  1. I can see why you call it Mr Creepy - very arachnid-like :)

    Those strandbeests are amazing, aren't they? Mind blowing.

  2. That was an amazing video. I had never heard of Theo Jansen, but I am so happy you shared his work on your page. My kids loved watching the video again and again.

    I also enjoyed seeing the creations that your son made. I especially got a kick out of the one that had Star Trek playing in the background. :)

  3. I fell in love with Theo's work last year. I always feel so humbled when I watch those videos. It was really a piece of good luck that DH came across the kit on his travels. :)

    Thanks Jill. He is really enjoying that Klutz kit too.


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