Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hooray for Higgs...and the Bose in Boson

As delighted and fascinated as I am by the rapid succession of amazing scientific discoveries during my lifetime, I find it hard to wrap my head around some of this stuff. The following is a round up of videos I'm watching to try to understand it better!

ETA: How Could I Forget to link Satyendranath Bose?
The Bose behind Boson  

More links:
What the 'Rock Star' Discovery of the Higgs Boson Means for Science (hat tip to Christine K)
From Minute Physics
Is it the Higgs Boson? 
Higgs boson Science explained using sugar and ping-pong balls 
Michio Kaku on CNN

And some whimsical info too! :)
Sonnet on a Higgs-like Particle (Vi Hart)


  1. Thanks for posting. I, too have been trying to clearly understand the importance of this discovery and some tangible impacts.

  2. Loved the one using sugar and ping pong balls :)

    This is a good one too -

  3. Enjoyed this joke about the Higgs walking into church.

    The priest says, "We don't allow Higgs Bosons in here."

    The Higgs Boson replied, "But without me, how can you have Mass?"

    Made me chuckle.


  4. Glad to help aly. I'm still not sure I understand it but will keep reading and learning. That link of yours will be helpful for this Kerrie!

    Luke you made me more than chuckle. Kiddo will love the pun.

  5. Thanks for posting the video. It's fascinating! I found the minutes physics one to be good too.


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