Friday, July 27, 2012

July Daybook

Outside my window...
the ivy on our stone fencing walls is growing waaaay too long. I remember falling in love with the zen-like clean, grey walls when we first viewed this house (it's been three years since we moved! where does the time go?). In fact it was one of the reasons why I wanted this house vs. another one we had viewed earlier that day. I like how the walls shut the rest of the world out (not to mention the busy street behind us). The introvert in me was whooping with joy. But now the ivy, lush and green as it is, is blocking my beautiful wall from my view. Time to plan...should we cut it back, or pull the ivy off altogether...?

Around the house...
I'm fighting a losing battle with the Company That Will Not Be Named. We receive these catalogs so often and with such tantalizing coupon code offers...sigh. I've made sure my snapshot of my latest collections include the codes in case you might want to use them, dear reader (leave a comment if you can't see them!). Oh no, now I'm trying to share my addiction with others! Forgive me?

Never buy when not on sale. And when on sale, use a code when possible for more savings!

We've lately taken to reading these catalogs before bedtime. I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Are we becoming addicted to hoarding these DVDs as much as we do our books?

I am thankful...
that July wasn't as busy as I'd blogged it would be. We were going to be quite over-scheduled thanks to my sudden weakness for trying new classes. One class in and I realized what an error it was to sign kiddo up for a College for Kids summer camp. It wasn't really college for kids, it was too far away, required too much time outside and in the intense heat for shy ol'mom to be able to tolerate and also wasn't generally deep, involved learning anyway. My main reason was to try to introduce a little more social exposure to kiddo's routine but neither of us wanted that in the end. What a relief it was to cancel the camp! A pricey mistake though. We couldn't get a refund.

I am thinking...
Must learn from mistakes! Must not repeat too many expensive ones.

The kiddo...
chose to take two more math classes this summer! I feel guilty telling him about them but he does seem to be enjoying them despite the hard work. He's been such a trooper that I am tempted to make a certificate to reward his winning attitude.

I am reading...
The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax! Very, very fun so far! 
We've been playing...
Have you watched Under The Boardwalk yet? (YouTube trailer link. Watch instantly on Netflix!)

I am looking forward to...
taking a long break once his classes end in August to just read, read, read and possibly watch our Company That Will Not Be Named acquisitions. I am also looking forward to September because I've been gradually collecting living books to learn more about economics principles and also biology. We've neglected those topics for a bit and there's so much I need to brush up on myself.

A favorite quote for today...
from Mark Twain: "Life is short. Break the Rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss SLOWLY. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret ANYTHING that makes you smile."


  1. I suffer the same fate here with the Great Courses company, although their division in the UK doesn't seem to have as much offers as that in the US.... I certainly haven't seen any coupon codes coming our way! We've bought a few courses but haven't tried them out yet, but I will soon enough! :-)

    I'm also learning from my mistake of over-engaging us in external activities that, on hindsight, do not provide the type of in-depth learning that I was hoping for, although the social aspect was great. Once again, that'll influence my plans for the new academic year.

    Right now, I'm enjoying our summer. You have a good time too! Keep those posts and recommendations coming! I find them to be very useful. :-)

  2. I must not look at Great Courses website or I will start lusting after them!

  3. I love when I receive those Great Courses codes. I just got a course for $19.00. I was quite happy with myself! ;)

  4. May we all resist the Great Courses or continue to make awesomely priced purchases for all time. Sigh. I wish.


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