Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm a Dog. And I'm Hot!

Greetings worthy humans. My new Mom thought I should introduce myself. Apparently she's a little too sleep-deprived to write. Excuses. Excuses.

I'm rather ambivalent about writing...I mean why on earth...ooooh, mmmm, oooh, chomp, chomp, gulp. Man, those liver treats are good. I love writing. Seriously. Did I say ambivalent? Nah. I'd LOVE to tell you more about myself. Love putting paw on keyboard so to speak. zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Uh? Oops, licked that key a little too hard. No Mom, I swear I was only licking it!

So whadd'ya want to know?

I guess my name is a good place to start. I'm Adrian. Apparently my new Big Brother likes this TV series called Monk? Monk...Monk! Hey, I don't want to be a monk. No way. But I guess I don't have much of a chance at a love life anymore after some wise guy cut off...ooooh, oooh, she's giving me one more...chomp, gulp. Yum! They go down too fast. OK, sorry people. I guess Mom doesn't want me sharing too much.

I'm named after Adrian Monk. And Mom, well she likes English things and reading about wizards and all. And she says there's this wizard whose first name is really British-like and that his last name suits my err...profile...really well and that he was really scared like me at one time but faced his fears and all that and cut off some serpent's head and...wait! Serpents! Those guys are nasty. I don't want to fight serpents, no sir...aaah, chin scratch...heeee heeee that tickles. Right there. Right there. That's the spot. Oh, that's so gooooooood.

Anyways, she added Neville to Adrian and now I have a middle name! You can call me Adrian. Or Adrian Neville. Or 'Drian for short like Mom does. Or Cute Little Mango Sausage like my Big Bro (brothers!). I don't mind. Just keep throwing those treats at me lady and you can even call me Wienerschnitzel. of my folks was a Dachshund and the other was a Miniature Pinscher. I'm kinda proud of my German heritage if you don't mind. Verflixt! She's not giving me another belly rub till I write more. This nice man yesterday (*he* gave me a belly rub) poked into my teeth and told Mom I'm four to five years old. I could have told her that! Would have only cost her a chicken treat. Not an arm and half a leg!

Um...well, treats. Yeah. I love liver. And I love salmon biscuits. And I love chicken treats and carrots and eggs. Oh I'm drooling already. Yeah, I love food. Mom makes me run around the house and then she'd abruptly ask me to Sit. Just for one measly little nibble. I don't get it. She says this will wear me out and let her sleep better at night. I'm confused. I thought if it wears *me* out, *I* should sleep better at night. Thought mothers weren't supposed to sleep so much?

Oi! More chin scratch! Ok, ok. I'll strike out that last line. I promise. 

I'll paw more on this keyboard another day. Really need a shuteye. The last time I had one was all of 10 minutes ago! They work me hard over here. I tried to grab a siesta on Mom's plush new recliner today and she shooed me off to write this post instead. How about that?! You'd think she'd have learned to share by now.  

Hey! Come back with my blanket!


  1. Too cute! My goodness, I would be totally distracted if he came to our house! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. He looks so sharp and writes very well too! :)

  3. Thanks for introducing yourself Adrian. It has been great getting to know you! You sure are cute, and I bet your new family loves you to pieces.

    P.S. You look great in red!

  4. Hi, I'm back to check my fan mail. Mom says I should do this once in a while since I'm so hot and all. Woof! You ladies are nice! I might even let you scratch my chin sometime.

  5. Oh what a handsome fellow! He's darling. Our Layla (collie rescue) would love to play with him, I bet. Congrats to you all!


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