Friday, February 8, 2013

Let's Squash That Usual February Thing...

It's in the air again. Always at this time of the year too. Where everything feels lifeless. Like there's no meaning to anything we do. I'm speaking of the February blahs.

Actually, my blahs have more to do with life in general than homeschooling alone. I've been browsing our home library for books to read but haven't been able to focus on a single page. I've been tweaking schedules over and over never mind that we are not going to follow one as written anyway. I stare at ingredients in the fridge and they stare back at me and I can almost here the "meh" and "bleh" being hurled back at me in various dialects of bread-ese and vegetabl-ese. Kiddo went as far as to complain about my chicken curry the other day. My chicken curry! The one dish I've prided myself in being able to cook with finesse. Oi!

Something is rotten in the atmosphere of Funschooling Central.

Anyway, this can't go on forever and until some end is in sight, kiddo and I are launching a battle plan to round up the blahs and give them a blast of hilarity that we hope will banish them forever. I've included two of our favorite funny videos below. Perhaps you've already seen these but if you haven't, we hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do.


  1. lol - loved the flash mob one!!

    I've got the blahs myself today - so much to do and can't be bothered doing any of it...

    I hear you about the food in the fridge - mine does that too :)

  2. The good thing about the "blahs" is they never last forever. I hope you feel better soon. In the meantime keep watching and sharing funny videos. I enjoyed them!


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