Sunday, April 28, 2013

Randomly Recent

It's been a while since I've written one of these. Gee, it's been a while since I've written anything here lol! What we've been learning about, playing with, reading, eating, watching, discussing, repeating, trying to remember to, asking, contemplating, etc. in no-particular-order:

KIDDO: Simple calligraphy, Calvin and Hobbes, cells, harder algebra problems, Avatar (with Aang and gang, not the blue people), gravity, Courage the Cowardly Dog, gas laws, area of spheres proofs, The Hobbit (movie), drying and combing hair before breakfast, Feynman and his safe-cracking ways, reviewing gender in German nouns and articles, "is Tolkien supportive of women's rights or not?", 5th grade STAR testing (fun!), tautologies, enzymes, "is it scrumptious, is it juicy?", summarizing an essay, LaTeX, ice cream (lots of it! maybe too much?!), swimming (if you can call it that), Life of Pi (movie, only half though, couldn't summon the courage to watch it all).

Tin Tin, cannon-balling, Downton Abbey theme, Japanese mealtime etiquette, stick swinging and air jabbing (during walks), why do we need literary analysis?, complex numbers, Dexter's Lab, assembling a DIY model tank, disliking the Samsas (poor Gregor!), the science of color, logic puzzles, leaf burning, the courage of hobbits, proteins, Three Men in a Boat, "must I use a writing curriculum?".

ADRIAN: Chewing, looking cute, getting into trouble, wagging, halitosis 401, lack of math skills and what it means in his world, best positions for curling up to sleep without losing sight of Mom and Big Bro, fetching, looking cuter, sighing, being walked without sniffing at weeds every other second.

Eating cherries without Mom's knowledge, finding good spots around the yard to you know what (and knowing what "not in our pond area you don't!" means), shedding, ear-flopping, toe-nipping.


  1. lol, such a fun variety there :) I remember using (or being very confused by) LaTeX when I was at uni! I hope kiddo had more luck with it :)

  2. Always fun to read your post, Suji. Glad to see that the boys are doing great.

    I miss your more detailed posts about your curriculum choices. They have been so useful and I still come here quite often to check your past posts and recommendations.

  3. Great post Suji! It seems that although you may not have been blogging much, you guys have been doing quite a bit. It sounds like your son is having a great time exploring so many topics.

    I love the updates on Adrian!

  4. Hey! You've had a busy and fun month!
    Is it hot there? It's unreasonably and unseasonably hot in this corner of the world.


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