Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thinking aloud about blogging...

I feel like I need to be doing something more with this blog. But what?

I used to include a lot of details about what we were doing in the younger years. Then, I started feeling like I was revealing too much about our homeschool and home-life journey. I love having blog readers but I also am an intensely private person. I have trouble trusting channels like Facebook, even with the privacy settings on. So I am no longer on FB. This feeling has intensified over the years into blogging as well. Who exactly am I afraid of? What exactly am I afraid of? That someone will think I write crap in a crap way? That someone will think I am saying too much about something not interesting anyway? That I myself will regret every single word I write?

To be honest, some of the things I write online, not only here but in homeschool forums in general, really do keep me awake at night! I am always tempted to go back and delete everything I write.

I used to love researching curriculum and books, so that was once my preferred blog fodder apart from the things kiddo did. But how much can you write about curriculum, especially when you don't agree with a lot of the stuff sold out there?

Kiddo is older, doing a number of wonderful things...and I feel shy/scared/second-guessy about sharing them online. I think I worry most about sounding braggy.  I normally set out to report what happens factually...but upon re-reading it, I feel like I have revealed too much. I am becoming more and more careful about sharing things that when he is older, he might not appreciate me sharing, although he seems to have absolutely no worries about it right now.

If you are reading this and are an occasional or frequent visitor, could you let me know what attracts you to my blog? I'd like to blog more. I really do enjoy it. But I think I need some encouragement too.


  1. For me, what makes me come back is your honesty. I can relate to your concerns. I, too quick FB because it felt like an invasion of privacy and it was also a time killer. There is a part of me that wants to share but I worry about the message I'm sending. I don't like sharing too much because people compare and sometimes this causes unnecessary pressure for the parents and the kids. But I love to read about all the fabulous things other children are doing! How is that for a paradox? Sometimes it would be nice to share without all these fears and worries.

    I love everything you post from videos to sharing your struggles. I think it's okay to brag now and then. I know people who do it unabashedly and I envy them. They usually have a good sense of humor about it so it makes it okay. :)

  2. Interesting post, and I have replies on several fronts that are probably not completely formed thoughts. :)

    First a story - when my husband was in college (early 90s), the college hosted web pages for the students. He built a little page with pictures of his iguana and a few other things. Some guy in Europe sent him an e-mail telling him the site was a waste of space, as if there is limited space on the web and that iguana picture was displacing something important. Silly to be sure, but it does illustrated the fact that if you put something online, people will judge it.

    I like Facebook, but I find I don't post many "status reports" anymore. I recently learned to solve a rubik's cube, but I didn't post about it. Why does Facebook need to know that? Like Joyful Learner, I do enjoy hearing what others are up to, but I wonder why they would be interested in similarly small stuff from my life. Maybe I should get over myself and write a little more?

    I definitely like hearing your thoughts on curriculum - I think our kids are similar in some ways, so we try out things that your son has loved. I'm a curriculum-junkie in any case, so I always like that stuff. Actually, one the pieces of advice I like to give out is for people to find their "homeschooling doppelganger" among the bloggers and use all their curriculum ideas. :)

    I do read every post - feed readers make it easy to do that. I like hearing about other homeschoolers, and you seem to be doing the same kind of thing I'm trying to do - give the kid(s) as much freedom as possible without sacrificing a quality education, so it's nice to see that in action. I hang out with some pretty radical unschoolers, so I can end up feeling like we're doing way too much school sometimes. I guess maybe that's what I often look for in blogs - reassurance that there are people like me out there. :)

  3. I have always appreciated your lists ... you have shared so many interesting, meaty books which bring maths and science to life.

    As for privacy, I totally understand your concerns and I have the same ones. I love to share ideas to help other homeschoolers find great ideas and develop their confidence ... but as our class is limited to the same child/ children each year, it IS quite revealing about them and I don't know to what extent that is ok. I have also cut back on how much I share, and am thinking of reviewing my online content to delete what is too personal (my blog is easy, small, but I have thousands of entries on some home ed forums!)

    On the one hand we could make our blogs purely list and review based ... but the whole point is that these resources suit these children at this time for xyz reasons.

    I don't think you write braggingly at all, just with humility, energy and honesty. I find your blog reassuring and inspiring.

    A few bloggers I greatly benefitted from in the early days have stopped updating. They have moved into a new phase in real life, and sad as it is to not know where the journey has led them, it is their business not mine. They have kept the content of previous years available, for which I am grateful as it is so helpful in forward planning. We must remember blogs are about real lives, not just a story we read and eagerly await the next book in the series. If you choose not to publish sequels, that is your right ... you may still write them, but perhaps only for your eyes.

    I think even if you limit future content to be less personal, you still have a lot to share. Sorry if I have rambled ... several distractions here but I wanted to say I understand and hope you can find a solution you are comfortable with.

  4. I understand your concerns. I was plagued with the same thoughts last year. It didn't help that I was seriously considering sending the twins to early college. I didn't feel comfortable blogging about that because I thought everyone would be judging me or I would sound as though I am bragging.

    Because we decided not to go that route, I am back to my normal blogging. I try not to talk about the curriculum I use with the twins, I am not sure why. I am happy to share some of what Decca uses, but with the twins not so much. Instead I talk about other things they work on each week not going into much detail.

    As for your blog I like everything about it. I think that is because I enjoy your writings, your voice. I also love hearing about what that bright boy of yours is working on, what books or videos you are watching, and I love updates about your dog. :)

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys have really made me feel so much better about this. I think I need to develop a thicker skin and not worry so much. I'm just so grateful for all your loyal support. Funnily enough, I found a post along the same lines that I wrote about 2 years ago. :) I think as long as I keep writing from my heart it doesn't matter what others think. Others who don't matter anyway. :D

  6. Well, my daughter is too young for school, but I enjoy reading about homeschooling families. Just thinking about the future, you know? So I like hearing about all the interesting things your son is doing. It sounds like the kind of education I would want for my kid when she's old enough. (And nothing you write has ever sounded like bragging to me.)

  7. I've noticed that a lot of blogs I used to follow have either petered out or they no longer post as often or in as much detail, especially for their older kids. I'm guilty as well. For me, part of it is just the sameness of what we do each week - it's different when they're young and you're doing different crafts or something - but there's only so much to say about the day-to-day classes.

    I don't know what the solution is (apart from the fact I need you to be on Facebook lol) but don't ever feel like you're bragging about your remarkable boy!

  8. Suji,

    You have been an amazing resource for me. I cannot tell you how much help you have been.

    Your living science resources are perfect fit for my son. Without your blog and few others I see my son sitting in Kumon classes and hating math few years from now.

    I feel I am a better informed and less stressed out.

    Thanks for writing.

  9. Thank you so very much Sibylla, Kerrie and Priya! I've noticed the same about other blogs, Kerrie.

    Feeling really honored and humbled by everyone's comments. Wish I could treat you all to a coffee or something. :)

  10. I'm of little help. I did want to say that I feel the same way you do. I have a hard time blogging because I feel like I'm putting our lives on display and don't like the feeling. So my blog feels restrained to me. And I will agree that as the boys get older, there seems to be less creativity in my homeschooling. They are moving toward traditional (college) education. which is changing the tone of our homeschooling. That said, I WANT your blog to continue because I do enjoy keeping up with you.

  11. Hi Suji,

    I have been quietly following your blog for a as long as I've been homeschooling and love it!

    I really admire that you're not afraid to fall on the sword when it comes to your own homeschooling. There is so much honesty that radiates from your experiences! Reading about you guys has helped me off the ledge more times than I will openly admit. It is so good knowing that I am not the only one who implements, tries, and makes changes as we go. You were the first person to help me realize that we don't have to be a specific type of homeschooler. You've also helped to give me the courage to change things up around here.

    Admittedly and selfishly I was bummed when you announced that you'd be taking a break from blogging. I knew I would really miss reading about your journey. You have helped this momma out in more ways than you can imagine!

    Kiddo is super blessed to have you. He shows such a zest for living and learning! That is no small feat on your part! It's been a joy coming along for the ride!

    Thank you.

  12. Annie, many thanks old friend. Have emailed you as well. :)

  13. Cassie, what a lovely comment to wake up to. Thanks so much. I had no idea and I am so glad you found this blog and have been following it. You have made my day in more ways than you might know! :)


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