Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Birthday 11-year-old!

Eleven years ago, on October 1 at 4:08am Singapore time, I became a mom. I am so fortunate to have him. I'm not the praying kind but I feel just so darn blessed. Happy Birthday kiddo. I love you with all my heart.

This morning, opening my email, I had a very pleasant surprise in the form of kiddo's final grade report for advanced mathematical logic. He finished his final test for part one of the three-part course yesterday and I was expecting the results to come back in about a week. The eIMACS folks are super efficient! How sweet that his very first university-level course transcript was received on his 11th birthday? He scored a solid A+. Very proud of him for working so hard and without any parental help (apart from buying him a notebook, giving him snacks and taking the occasional peek to see what he was doing).

We're having lunch outside and hope to celebrate some more later with friends.

Presents!! Kiddo received a video camera from his Dad and the above from me (all the gifts on his birthday wishlist this year). I also bought him Gloom but we have decided to return it because we find it a little too involved. We are very grateful too to lovely friends who were so thoughtful to remember his birthday and send him loving greetings and cool gifts. He's a lucky boy. 

Cake two days early (so Dad could be there) - presents a day early - a happy boy, now as tall as I am - laughing aloud today with Mr Durrell.


  1. Aww! Happy Birthday Kiddo! You must be so proud of him.

  2. Such a handsome young man! Happy birthday from us, kiddo!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your son from all of us at TADTown!! It seems like he had a wonderful day. Now I am off to Amazon to look at all he received. I may need to pick up Fluxx for my kids. :)

  4. Dear Everbody,

    Thank you for your birthday wishes!

    Dash (the Kiddo)

    P.S. Adrian sends his love.

  5. Happy Birthday kiddo! Glad you had a fantastic time! ;D


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