Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 2013 Daybook

Fall is in the air!

There aren't a ton of reasons why I love fall. I just do. It's a whisper of cooler weather to come. A harbinger of a busy year winding down. A hint of coming festivities. A time to settle into whatever new schedule we craft every August and September. Fall is my favorite season of the year. I like spring too but spring around where we live is just an infant sister of blazing summer.

I was so happy about fall being here that I actually cut some roses from our bush to adorn my kitchen sink! I am not much of a flower person but it looks so pretty and adds some nice color to all that whiteness. 

October reading

I finally finished The Epic of Gilgamesh translated by N. K. Sandars. It's a very slim tome but took some determination to complete. I wanted to read it to see if it's appropriate for kiddo. I think it is and I'm going to suggest it to him. I am hoping we will achieve some ancient literature reading for history this year and Gilgamesh was first on my list. Next on my line-up is Mahabharata (the William Buck retelling).

I'm also really enjoying Stephen King's On Writing. It's a writing methodology guide that reads like a novel/ memoir. Peppered with some foul language, so I'm quite sure kiddo will be waiting before reading this himself, but it is riveting nonetheless!

Meet Maxwell!

Max came to us a week ago from Dick Blick. He is flexible, grey, and about a foot high with a slightly disproportionate head. His mild smile while trying different yoga poses brings on quite the giggles around here. He is quite like his namesake, Maxwell Smart. Max executes a pretty creepy Weeping Angels close up too!

Hope your October is going well!

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  1. I love it when you share your goodies, Suji! Let me know how you get on with this translation of the Mahabharata, please? I haven't been able to find a good translation of it so am very interested to know what you think of this version. I'm intrigued by your anatomy model too. I haven't seen one with a facial expression before, only the usual faceless, wooden ones. Are you planning on doing some drawing again? :-)


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