Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Little Light Music

Presenting...The Trebeks!

Here's a sample of their performance yesterday (of Cold Duck Time) at their music school. Kiddo's keyboard solo is from the 2:22 to 3:10 mark.

This is the second time that kiddo is playing in a summer jazz band (the first was two years ago). And he has definitely grown a lot this time around. The boys played four rehearsed songs: Blues By Five, Mr PC, Killer Joe and Cold Duck Time but the (tiny) audience was so captivated that we shouted for an encore and they obliged us by jamming Yard Bird Suite, St James Infirmary, Song for My Father and One for Daddy O too! And completely cold (without prior practice). Very proud of all of them and very happy that kiddo has found a band where he enjoys both the music and the camaraderie tremendously.

He has two larger scale performances scheduled for October and December but these are with another band and will make up part of his grade for his Jazz Combos class. Please wish him luck! :)


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