Thursday, October 30, 2008

Living Science Yahoo Group

I searched but couldn't find any online. Not the kind of group I have in mind anyway--secular, book-loving, a little clueless (or not) about Science, a little Charlotte Mason-y and WTM-y and open to letting the child lead and take bunny trails. Oh you get the idea.

So I started one. I don't know if it will answer the general need or take off at all. But we have one daring member #2 already :)

There are wonderful groups out there like Living Math that are on-topic where Science is concerned but I felt there was a need for something exclusively about Living Science. I do hope it will be helpful and grow large enough for us to enthusiastically address Science education in our homes. We could talk about books and curricula. We could talk about experiments and lab kits. We could talk about how we approach Science, our fears (or supreme confidence) with teaching this subject. About scientists and biographies. About star-gazing and baking as Science projects.

Here's the link:
Living Science List

Although the list is secular, I don't expect members to be. As long as we're mindful and tolerant of different viewpoints and keep discussions on-topic, level and logical, it could be a fun list.

I'm thinking of compiling booklists of all the Living Science books I come across in the Files section. I'm typing this in a not so secure network so more later.

9:40PM: OK, we have member #3 now LOL!
I've uploaded some links to get the ball rolling. Still working on the booklists for the Files section. I'd like to have a good list or two going before putting them up. My initial anxiety about doing this is now evaporating. My organization side's taking over.

This reminds me so much of the time I began homeschooling. I'd wake up every morning asking myself if I had my head fixed on right.

"Me homeschool? No way!"
"But who'd take care of his highly-sensitive nature? He'd be the target of every single negative aspect of school...bullying, dumbing kids down, holding kids back, the terribly flawed system. He'd be bored to tears like our three-week private school trial proved. You can do this."
"No I can't. I have no idea how to teach."
"But you've been teaching him since he was in diapers!"
"That's different."
"No it's not."

LOL! This was almost precisely how I would have sounded if you'd been there with two sides arguing with each other. Now, I'm experiencing it all over again.
"Me moderate a Yahoo Group? You've gotta be kidding!"
"Oh just do it. You need it as much as others do."

And that's that. Besides, I now have another excuse to gather books! :)

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  1. i'll be joining as soon as my girl and i come back in from playing in the leaves.

    she's only 3, so i don't know how involved i'll be yet, but i'll read every post.



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