Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh Happy Day...and a Raccoon!

I'm normally a very private person and don't post much about what happens in our home other than the school stuff.

But today is an exception.

I turned 35 today. Well, I've been "looking" 35 for at least 6 years now so why be shy about it? As my very kind older sibling put it when he called all the way from North Wales this morning, "Suji, you're getting old.". Sigh...thank you brotha!

Every birthday he reminds me of that wine and grapes analogy. Oh well. I've been sagging in all the wrong places for ages now. Might as well live with it. Aaaaanywaaaays...I had a very happy, memorable birthday today. One of those good ones.

Apart from Big Bro, I received wishes from a few really good buddies here and abroad.

DS wanted to me to declare today a school holiday but I didn't. Despite that we had a pretty fab day with Science, Reading, Math and History. Yup, all 4 biggies. DS loved our Usborne Science Activities Vol 2 experiments with Air. And he had a ball with the Pre-Algebra whiteboard math. He loved the Shadrach read-aloud. He loved making the heiroglyph cartouche and cuneiform name stamp. It was just one of those productive days to make up for the occasional tense ones recently.

And then, I spotted a raccoon!

A real-life one!

Well I do hope you can excuse my rather typically-Malaysian-ex-city-girl-extremely-excited-never-seen-a-raccoon-in-my-life-oh-my-doodah feeling about this. I respond to raccoons like how a born and bred San Jose-an would respond to orangutans (which by the way, is Malay for 'jungle man'). I've wanted to see a real-life raccoon like from the time I was 10 years old.

And where should I see it but at the KT carpark while waiting to pick up DH from work and head to a Malaysian dinner at Penang Village on Coleman Avenue. It walked right past our car and into a bush. DS saw it too. Slinky gait, bandit eyes, ringed tail and all. I hope he remembers this.

Dinner was delicious. Satay kambing (spiced lamb cubes on skewers) and roti bawang (Malaysian onion flatbread) and house fried rice sans beef. Finished with Malaysian kopi peng (a slightly milky, iced dark coffee) and Milo peng for DS. Mm-mmmm. As the kiddo would say, we licked our chops.

And to cap it all, we played with sparklers (thanks SK!) when we got home. It's the Indian Diwali festival today (Oct 27 in Malaysia). It's quite the thing to celebrate with sparklers but since we moved here we haven't celebrated Diwali. In fact we haven't celebrated it much since DS's birth. So it was his first try at the fizzy fire sticks. Boy did he have a BALL! :)

It was one of those warm, fuzzy birthdays. A truly happy, raccoony, yummy day.


  1. Sheila at Greenridge Chronicles (see my Web Wanderings) wanted to know more about the wine and grapes analogy so here it is: It's that old saying Sheila that men are like wine (aging gracefully, deliciously) and women like grapes (sour and brown and all squished up when aged). Yes, I still love my bro LOL!! (Sorry I couldn't post your comment Sheila...it was right in the midst of my WordPress-Blogger platform upheaval)


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