Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Book Shopping List

If you're crazy about books like I am (and it looks like DS is too...yippeee!!! Someone to lavish me with books in my dotage at last!!), you might like this compilation of book gift/read-for-pleasure ideas I've been snitching from some of my favorite co-book-lover bloggers. I'm an incurable bookworm so I'll be snitching adding to this often...keep checking!

Fun with Field Guides + Books for Natural-History Enthusiasts from Chicken Sphagetti has me wishing I could strike the lottery (although I never buy the tickets) before Christmas.

She lists a bunch of great blogs and book reviewers and their recommendations for field guides/ science books for kids and teens. Pop over and prepare to spend at least an hour clicking around!

The Best of the Best: Kids' Books '08 also from Chicken Sphagetti...uh, uhh you're not going to get away from the computer for a while for this one so go put the kids to sleep first or send to Grandma's...for a week (laugh).

The Cybilis 2008 nomination list, recommended by Becky of FarmSchool. There's a whole list of 'em here from Fantasy and Sci-fi to Young Adult novels.
Okay I'm gonna check out the links in more detail myself so I'll wish you happy browsing now :)

Dec 12 Update:

NSTA's Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K–12: 2008
for books published in 2007. Sigh...oh, sigh...


  1. omg suji. the nsta site is wonderful. i may need to do an internship with you as my hmc (high maintenance child, really she is) get older. thanks for another terrific resource!

  2. My pleasure :) Aaaah, tell me about those hmc's LOL though in all fairness DS has become more low maintenance now that he's 6. Time really helps.


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