Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who would you be in a Harry Potter movie?

DS is

As Viktor you are brave, daring and have a thirst for adventure, with a particularly fondness for all things sporting.

And I am

As Minerva McGonagall, your strict facade is complimented by a warm heart, and you always do what is for the greater good.


  1. Thanks a lot, S, I just came out as SNAPE. Apparently I am hostile to others.

    Don'tcha just love those online sites...

  2. LOL! Good for you! Now that's an interesting character. You know, we just NEEDED to do something mindless like this today...and if it's any consolation DS would have been Snape too...or at least a Slytherin...he chose to be a snake (if you could be one of these animals which would you be).

    I wanted to be Dumbledore...


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