Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've Been Tagged (Photo Meme)

I have Sheila to blame for this. So here it goes...if you choose to accept this tag, you'll need to select the 6th photo in your Pictures or Photos folder and post it on your blog with an explanation or story.

I tend to organize my photos in folders by event or year so this was a tough one for me. And then I had this idea. There was no hard and fast rule about it being a digital photo so I grabbed DS' baby photos album from our bookshelf and chose the 6th and scanned it...

That's him at 10 weeks old. All round eyes and as alert as a meerkat in the Savannah. Sleeping barely 8 hours a day and wailing so loudly that acquaintances on the 25th floor of the building once asked me if my baby was colicky (we lived on the 2nd floor). It was either his ear-splitting opinions or my panda eyes, I still don't know which.

He's being cradled by my mom (who was visiting from Kuala Lumpur and might have read somewhere that babies liked loud colors), in our rented flat in Singapore. I've written captions in his baby album...this one reads: "Hmm...whom shall I terrorize today?".

Thankfully, he's much more pleasant to be around with now.

Tag! You're it! Do let me know if you post one.

10:50pm update: can't believe how American I've become. I just had a closer look at the photo because the time frame in my earlier post didn't seem right. He wasn't 10 weeks old...he was 12 days old (yes, he was a LARGE and LONG baby!)!!

12 10'02 on the bottom right corner is actually 12 Oct 2002 -- the Southeast Asian/ British date format and not Dec 10, 2002 as I'd written earlier. Sheesh, I'm getting old!!


  1. Your son's cries being heard many floors above reminded me of an experience with our first born - also very wakeful and colicky. We were living in a student housing complex while dh was studying. We were in one building and across the courtyard in another building and facing away from the courtyard and towards a busy road lived another student from dh's separtment. After one of those nights dh's fellow student said to him "Was that your baby we heard all last night?" Not only could they hear him, but the could recognise him! And he was far from the only similar aged baby in our building (bit of a baby boom aroudn the time he was born). Complaints about his noise were also made to the management. How are you supposed to stop a baby from crying - loudly - when they are so disposed? I never did find the answer!

  2. I like your new banner/header. How do you do that? It's very lovely.

    Nice picture. You know, when my daughter was born (she was a twin) she was SO high strung she unnerved us all. We have a photo of her at 3 months, looking reading one of those fabric baby books. People used to joke, saying "She thinks she's reading it!" but what they didn't know was that she really WAS reading it. I see a pattern in all these bright/high strung kids: they hit the ground running from day one, and their bodies are too slow and cumbersome for their brains. At least, that's my theory and I'm sticking with it...

  3. Sandra, I'm so glad you stopped by and shared this experience. Of course, after all these years I'm so much wiser but at that time, I was at my wits end! How any one can complain (especially if they've had kids themselves) though is beyond me.

    Sheila, your theory is absolutely spot on IMO. Thank you for your kind words about the banner...I'm very low tech. I put together some cliparts I like in MS Powerpoint, harness a little bit of my graphic designer aspirations and then save to jpg and upload to blogger's layout customization page.

    I also experimented with tweaking the html.

    I'm never satisfied. I like to change things around very often...whether it's a blog banner or pots and pans in the kitchen or books under the coffeetable (much to DH's and DS's confusion at times).


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