Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mike Venezia's "Getting to Know" Biographies

If you've to date loved Mike Venezia's Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists, Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers and Getting to Know the US Presidents illustrated biographies, you might be ecstatic (okay, maybe that's a little too much, but I was over-the-moon last night when I saw this) to know that he now has a Getting to Know the World's Greatest Inventors and Scientists series!

DS adores Venezia's books and I must admit so do I. Although the books are generally not meaty enough in my opinion, they are immensely light-hearted and suitable (at least as an introduction) for almost every age.

Here's the Inventors/ Scientist bunch I found on Amazon. Looks like the books will be available from March 2009 (that's this month!). I'm doing a happy wiggle right this moment. I hope it doesn't take too long for our library to get a few.

And here are a selection of titles from the other series.

Some of these titles are also available in DVD or VHS format.


  1. I poked around the Santa Clara County library catalog after I read this post (thanks for pointing me to these books - all four of the series look great!). Looks like they already have 4 of the Scientist/Inventor titles! Yay! :)

  2. Nonie, you beat me to it! What a small world. That's our fave library system :)


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