Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Positive Data on Homeschooling

The Fraser Institute report isn't exactly new (dated Oct 2007). It was shared today on the same list where I first encountered that The Case Against Homeschooling article. See this post.

I had a good laugh (today was a good day for laughs for me) when I saw this paragraph:

"This paper has established that home schooling is a
thriving educational movement both in Canada and
the United States. It has also empirically demonstrated
that the academic and socialization outcomes for the
average home schooled child are superior (italics mine)
to those experienced by the average public school student."

Personally, I no longer feel like I need to have our decision to homeschool validated. But it's nice to know some data all the same isn't it?

Here's the link for the full report. Home Schooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream. Scroll to page 19 of the pdf file if like me you have little patience.

Here's an older FunSchooling post on Homeschooling Statistics, if you're interested.


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