Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Please Tell Me He's Kidding?

This article I've linked to below was mentioned on one of the lists I frequent.

Wait! Before you click the link below, make sure you have your Fruit Loops, meatloaf and popcorn ready too :) And don't forget to eat them all at the same time while also playing Wii. We unfortunately don't have any of the above goodies and game players at home so had to make do with strawberry ice cream and a Murderous Maths book instead.

Ready? Click away! The Case Against Homeschooling

There, do you feel selfish now? And arrogant? LOL. Sigh...do we need to even defend ourselves?

Latest update:

Interested in reading a direct rebuttal? See The Case Against Public Schooling (thanks for the link Subadra!).

It's a vicious cycle, these discussions. You know, thanks to DS' experience, I could write a whole volume on The Case Against Private Schooling for that matter. But where will it take us?

Homeschooling Bashers: please don't try to belittle something you have no idea about.

Public Schooling Bashers: c'mon you guys, don't tar all schools and teachers with the same brush!

Private Schooling Bashers: ummm...wanna meet for coffee some place and well, ummm, talk?


  1. I ran across your blog today and read "The Case Against Homeschooling". I am not a homeschooler, and I am a teacher in a public school - but I was super annoyed by the article. I have to agree with you - the person who wrote this article comes across as being ridiculous, as well as arrogant.

    And like I said, I don't homeschool but I do find your blog (as well as some other homeschoolers) full of great information and resources that I can use in my own classroom to reach students at a different level (I teach in a very low economic urban setting). I also am looking forward to using some of these resources with my own young children to enhance some of their learning at home. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Anonymous :) I am touched by your generosity of feeling. Sigh...I truly don't believe in any bashing be it homeschool or public school.

    True, we have had a bad personal experience with a private school for DS but my hubby and I grew up being public schooled in Malaysia and I have the highest respect for most teachers.

    Teachers like yourself especially who despite all the challenges you face, work so hard to bring the best education to your students regardless of where, when and how you teach.

    My warmest thanks to you for dropping by and taking the time to comment :)

  3. What a moron! That's all I have to say :)

  4. You know Kerrie, reading all the comments he's getting, I think this guy may actualy be smarter than he writes! I have this feeling he wrote the whole thing to see how much traffic he can generate to his blog. Judging by all the supplementary articles he's written after this offending post too.

    And now *I* feel like the fool for biting the bait LOL. Seriously, the things some people do...

  5. I will not click on the link...I will not click on the link...I will *not* click on the link...


  6. LOL...same feeling here Michelle :)


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