Friday, July 31, 2009

The Sad Sailor

Published with the kiddo's permission.

The Sad Sailor
I once met a sailor that sailed to sea,
He looked happy in his rich family,
"And how was the voyage, may I ask?"
"My expression is just a mask."

The kiddo wrote this a few days ago. When I asked him what inspired him, he said he just felt like it. He is usually a reluctant writer but when the mood hits him, he'd write something with perfect spelling and punctuation (but not always perfect grammar/ syntax but I won't be picky) and I'd just want to squeeze the breath out of him with hugs :) He has this ongoing Just So Stories-style fables project...gosh you should read those!!

It's days like these that make me feel a lot less worried about not doing any formal writing with him (other days, I'm fretfully eyeing something like Brave Writer or Write With The Best and wondering if I should take the plunge).

He gave me his permission to publish only this piece. He must like it a lot :) Perhaps one day, he'll finish those fables and we could bind them into a book and he'd let me share them here too.

Well, a homeschooling Mom can hope can't she?


  1. Brilliant. :)

    Hey, if it ain't broke...

  2. Wow, that's a very deep poem! Well done kiddo!

  3. Thank you ladies. Kiddo accepted the praise with a very shy but obviously very pleased grin :)


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